Free-to-use photography app Agora shares the final results from its latest competition, #Work2020 which gathered 9,767 photo submissions from amateur and professional photographers all over the world. Vietnamese photographer @ptkhanhhvnh won the contest with ‘Washing water lilies‘, the photo that collected the most votes by Agora users.

“It’s fascinating to discover how people work around the world and spot the differences between cultures, and contexts and countries,” says Octavi Royo, Agora’s CEO & co-founder.

Winner: ‘Washing water lilies’ by @ptkhanhhvnh (Vietnam)

Location: Chau Doc An Giang, Vietnam

The women were washing water lilies, a flower that grows in many lakes in the western rivers of Vietnam. They use boats to go everywhere to pick water lilies, then wash and sold them at the local market. This is has been the traditional work for women living in Western Vietnam for generations. This edible flower is also a delicacy for locals and tourists.

About herself, the photographer says: My journey with photography has been difficult, especially as a woman and as a single mom. I take pictures alone and have had many life threatening experiences, such as staying in a cemetery alone at night waiting for the sunrise, wrestling with waves at Hang Rai, Phan Rang seashores, climbing mountains, or wading into swamps. Sometimes I forget I’m a woman.

water lilies vietnam

Discover the #Work2020 finalist entries:

‘Oyster Harvest’ by @alexclifford (UK)

Location: Grouville Bay, Jersey, UK

The crystal clear waters surrounding Jersey create a unique environment for oysters to flourish. Growing in this kind of environment gives Jersey Oysters their unique flavor, not one to be missed! Oysters are a local delicacy and can be farmed throughout the year. Jersey exports over 1,000 tons of oysters a year with 80% being exported to France. This photograph shows the scale of one of the oyster farms on the eastern side of the island and evidences the hard work the farmers have to experience to deliver the local delicacies to our restaurants!

Oyster Harvest jersey

‘Making soy sauce’ by @azimronnie (Bangladesh)

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

The people from Cu Da village near Hanoi, Vietnam have been making soy sauce for about 400 years. In the past, every local household used to store several jars of soy sauce to use all year round. Today, soy sauce is made not only for the villagers’ own use but also to be sold outside the village. The soy sauce is made from glutinous rice, salt, soybeans, and water (the sauce is more delicious if it is made with rainwater!). The rice used in the recipe is a special variety of sticky rice that is grown mainly in the northern delta and midland provinces. The sticky rice ferments for several days in an incubation chamber and 6 days later, it looks like a soft green-lentil cake and is getting moved to a salt tank. The soy sauce is later sold in big supermarkets in provinces and cities nationwide and is exported to other Asian countries.

soy sauce vietnam

‘Hard Work’ by @adeelchishti (Pakistan)

Location: Ravi River Lahore, Pakistan

Labour class is the core base of every nation. This kind of work is one of the most difficult jobs in every society. This man has to provide for his family’s expenses including children’s education, health, food, clothing, transport etc. I was quite depressed with personal issues at the time, but when I met this man and listened to his story, I remained in shock. I realized that his story should be a source of motivation for me. I own better incomes than he does, so why am I disappointed with my life? His story taught me to fight circumstances. I found a teacher in him. He taught me positivity.

Hard Work pakistan

‘Girl’ by @chanthar (Myanmar)

Location: Mandalay, Myanmar

Mandalay, Myanmar

‘Farmer’ by @georock888 (Indonesia)

Location: Tangerang, Indonesia

I waited for the moment when the farmer collects the plants and walks away from the river. The water drops were beautiful to capture.

farmer vietnam

‘Colorful Cotton’ by @zayyarlin (Myanmar)

Location: Inle Lake, Myanmar

These colorful threads are made from lotus stems and can only be seen at Inle Lake. The worker can be seen hanging the brightly colored garments over wooden bars while she balances on a narrow wooden boat. The threads are divided by color, and then put out to dry underneath the hot sun. I was amazed by the reflection of the water.

cotton inle lake myanmar

‘Farmers grow flowers and prepare to sell them in the market’ by @anhtrungqng (Vietnam)

Location: Sa Dec, Dong Thap, Viet Nam

Sa Dec is one of the largest flower villages in the southwest region of Vietnam. To avoid flowers being damaged by floodwaters, the locals have thought of new ways to grow flowers on the water.

farmers vietnam

‘Incense Sticks Making’ by @harryhartanto (Indonesia)

Location: Quang Phu Cau, Vietnam

At first glance, some people may find this photo as a beautiful scene: red incense sticks and a local wearing her traditional attributes. But from this photo, I want to highlight the hard work that locals have been doing, working under the blazing sun and wearing a mask to protect them from the wood dust. The locals were very friendly and humble to allow strangers like me to take their pictures.

Incense Sticks Making vietnam best photos of people at work

‘Vietnamese handicraft’ by @tom_rbg (Germany)

Location: Vietnam

Vietnamese handicraft

We love this vibrant  collection of best photos of people at work!

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