By Amelia Whent

Over the past week my parents have been coming up with ideas to entertain my brother, Noah, six, and I, which can be difficult at the best of times, let alone in self-isolation. I really miss seeing my friends as well as not being allowed to go to the park with my dogs.

Though, this has seemed to work, we have had so much fun so far and I hope to give you some ideas for you and your family to keep you all entertained. Many of these things can be bought online and all can be great fun while you are stuck inside. Here are some of the things that I have been doing:

millie and noah1 coronavirus lockdown things to do

Amelia with her brother Noah in London


Baking is so much fun and can also be a learning opportunity. It is a great way to have fun as a family and learn about measurements and basic life skills. We all enjoy making biscuits and cutting them with different cutters, making things like stars, bears, fish and  flowers. Not only do we enjoy baking but I have managed to teach my next-door neighbours how to bake as well (which at first did not go very well). Although I do think my next-door neighbours seem to enjoy them more than us as there always seems to be such a demand for them.

Millie baking

Amelia and Noah are getting very good at baking

Make Play Dough

Play Dough is a really great way to keep yourself and those around you entertained for possibly hours. It is really simple to make and very fun to make things with such as food, which Noah uses to create a mini-restaurant and ‘sells’ the food to our parents. Noah and I enjoy adding colour and glitter to ours to stop fights between who’s is who’s.

HAMA beads

HAMA beads are a great way to get creative by experimenting with all of the colours to come up with your design, using the bases to create many different shapes. We enjoy using different colours to make ours bright as well as very colourful. Hama beads are small bead like things that are put onto a board to create your design, once done covered with grease proof paper and then once finished, ironed. Both Noah and I create them and both really enjoy it!

millie hama beads

Cheerful HAMA bead patterns


Orbeez are great fun as well as being very therapeutic and can help sensory needs as the feeling They can 100% keep you entertained for hours as well. We all love playing with them and are all still fascinated by them. Orbeez are small polymer-based superabsorbent hydrogel beads. They help with touch and can help you keep calm as well.


Orbeez – before


Orbeez – after

Scooby-doo strings

Scooby doo strings are a great way to keep your mind busy while attempting the simple yet surprisingly difficult pattern. It is great fun and is great entertainment as you try to remember what to do. I enjoy sitting and working on all of them, completing them all quickly. Scooby doo strings are strings that can be looped and threaded to create bracelets, keychains as well as many many other things.

And of course, I’ve had a lot of fun writing this and sharing it with you on Ecophiles!

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