We have been staying inside our home for months already due to the pandemic. We have done a lot of things online – working, schooling, and even shopping to keep ourselves safe. When we are all good and ready to travel, consider these five travel tips first:

Money Advice

The most important thing to think of when traveling is money. Proper handling and spending will spare you from future problems that will ruin your enjoyment during your trip. First, you must research the monetary conversion in your chosen destination. 

If you have traveled internationally in the past, you already know how important it is to know your money’s value in another country. You need to make sure that you do your math before you travel to know the current conversion rate and where to get it from at the best price. 

Do not rely on your credit card when you visit another country. It is best to have local currency in your pocket because you might find establishments that do not accept credit cards. You also have to consider that your credit card might not work in another country. 

If you have a limited travel budget, borrowing money from a family member or a friend, or even acquiring a travel loan, wouldn’t hurt – as long as you plan the repayment sensibly, of course! It can help assure you that you are traveling with enough in your pocket. And in case your credit card won’t work, you have spare cash at hand.

Ensure Your Health and Safety

It is best to research official advice from the destination, such as wearing a mask, always carrying disinfectant, observing social distancing, and proper hygiene. We have seen and experienced the effect of one virus on our society, and we must remember that any diseases can appear anytime without warning. 

For your safety, it is advised to use anti-theft travel bags or be aware of your surroundings. Always check on your belongings and do not place your wallet where it can easily be stolen. 

It is best to have a paper copy of your passport and other travel documents. Carry it with you, while the original copy should be left safe in your hotel room. When authorities require your documents, show them the paper copy and offer them to retrieve it at your hotel if they need to see the original one. 

Prepare Necessary Documents Beforehand

If you are a first-time traveler, there are chances that you might leave some important documents on your way to the airport. This scenario is very likely, especially if you did not prepare all your documents in advance. 

Never book a flight when you still haven’t got your passport. Ensure that your passport is at hand, and you already acquired all other travel documents before booking a flight. You do not want your vacation to turn into a nightmare just because of forgotten travel documents. Avoid this problem by making sure all needed documents are compiled in one bag. 

When you arrive at your destination, make sure that your travel documents, especially your passport, are with you all the time. Some countries require foreigners to carry a copy of their passport anywhere they go. Some hotels even ask for your passport during check-in as proof of identification to assure them that you will pay for the accommodation. 

Research Your Destination 

How would you know if your chosen destination is worth every penny if you do not do your research? During your research, make sure that you check the destination if it requires a visa. This way, you can prepare for additional time and cost in acquiring it. 

Another thing to consider in your research is the local tourist spots you can visit during your stay. List all the places you want to visit and create an itinerary for more organized trips. Check if these places charge entrance fees and how much. 

Next, look for a hotel that is located near all the places you listed. Staying far away from the places you planned to go will cost you more in transportation. Check every hotel near these places, and make sure that it is affordable, clean, and safe. Also, exploring on foot is an eco-friendly way to travel.

After you established your itinerary and accommodation, it is now time to check the travel guidelines in that particular country. You can get a local guidebook that usually includes important things to remember and maps to guide you throughout your vacation.


Enjoying and having fun is the purpose of your trip. Never rush anything during your trip. Slow down and enjoy every moment. Enjoy the breathtaking views that the area offers and their mouth-watering local cuisines that may seem out of the ordinary. 

Do not hesitate to try new things. Break out of your comfort zone and conquer your fear, and always keep an open mind. Take pictures as much as possible because you may visit that place once in your lifetime. 


Most of us travel for pleasure and fun. It is other people’s way of de-stressing and clearing their minds of daily issues about work, business, or life in general. However, if you go on a trip without any plan, a relaxing vacation can instantly turn into a stressful experience. By following the above advice, you can make sure that you can have a memorable and enjoyable moment away from all the stress.

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