To many people, Southern California is a wonderland. From winding wine countries to vast coastlines, this region of the country offers an immense amount of variety. In addition to sunny shores, there are massive mountain ranges and beautiful deserts. Due to the varying terrain, almost anyone can find an experience that they cherish. In this article, we will share four amazing experiences to have in Southern California.

Go Glamping In the Desert

The southeastern part of California is home to both Joshua Tree and Death Valley National Parks. Both these parks are unique and offer incredible scenic viewpoints and hiking through extreme conditions. There are many nearby resorts that have amazing amenities. But if you’re looking for a non-resort experience, there are companies and Airbnb rental properties that allow visitors to “glamp” in close proximity to the park. With this setup, you can explore incredible natural areas during the day and return back to a luxurious rental property at night.

Wind Through Wine Country

Temecula lies just one hour outside of San Diego. This area is in the midst of large rolling hills. There are 30 wineries within this region, many of them known for their Syrah and Zinfandel selections. Each day, the sun rises and sets over the undulating terrain, offering stunning views to all visitors. You can spend your days hiking and walking through the area while using the afternoon hours to mosey between intimate and immaculate local wineries.

Take a Boat Down the Coast

Many people talk about driving across Highway 1, but not many people talk about taking a boat parallel to the famous highway. If you check the weather preemptively, you can have an incredible boat tour of the southern coastline of California. If you are traveling between May and September, you are likely to see the whales migrate down the coastline. Take the time to stop at well-known destinations such as Malibu, San Diego, and Baja California. Since the sun is typically shining all day every day, it is important that you ensure protection for your skin. When you invest in boat accessories like Stryker T-Tops, you can remain comfortable while spending long days out at sea. 

A Coastal Getaway

Throughout the southern coastline, there are many beach towns that have immaculate resorts, quaint rental houses, and awesome cultural experiences. When you vacation in a town such as Newport Beach, Malibu, Santa Monica, or La Jolla, you will have a vibrant experience. From delicious foods to unique cocktails, these destinations are stocked full of local luxuries. Make sure you take the opportunity to go surfing, eat an ice cream cone, and take a long walk on the shore.

From beaches to deserts, Southern California offers amazing opportunities to explore the world in a new way. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or wine connoisseur, you can find an experience that accommodates your interests. Take the time to research this region of the country to find interesting ways to explore Southern California and determine if it is the right destination for you when we can travel freely again. 

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