Instead of monitoring the news in the hope that things might dramatically change and you can head off on a summer vacation, embrace the staycation life and make it work. 

In the list below there are a few very good ways to make your summer interesting and enjoyable without risking any virus contamination, so find yourself a shady area to plan your summer staycation and read on. 


You need an activity that allows you to get plenty of sunshine but that doesn’t involve leaving the country or gathering in large crowds. That’s why a country bike ride is such a perfect idea. It also keeps you fit and healthy. 

When you start to research your local area you’ll be surprised by how many hikes and trails there are around, and you’ll be surprised you didn’t know about them before. Country bike rides often take you past some stunning views and sites. 


The pandemic should be coming to an end at some point this year with so many people now vaccinated and plenty of protocol in place. However, that doesn’t mean we can let our guard down and open everything back up right away. 

If you’re missing the movie theatres then why not set one up in your home this summer. You could even set up an outdoor theatre and enjoy classic films in style with your friends. 


Although many shops and events will still be closed down this summer some will be reopening which allow you to get back to normal somewhat. If you’ve missed music concerts and art exhibitions, then keep your ear to the ground. 

This summer should see the start of the entertainment industry rebooting, and they will need your charity. Many of these industries have suffered greatly from the pandemic and you can help them out by supporting their shows. 


In the same way that events are tentatively coming back, brick and mortar shops are also reopening. This is good news for those who can, not so good for those that have had to close their doors for good. Although the high street is a little more expensive than online, it’s ethical to support it. 

Doing a good deed in the world isn’t hard, especially when you can combine it with a day out shopping with friends. Forget about the digital market this summer and invest your money back into shops like House of Joppa


Taking a nap might seem like a funny thing to put on a summer activities list. But there’s a good reason for that. In fact, napping is one of the best things you can do for your health and in the summer it’s extra relaxing if you know what you’re doing. 

Don’t use the same duvets and blankets you would use for bed. Instead by a hammock from the Internet and set it up in a shady corner of your garden. This means you can snooze all afternoon without worrying about your skin. 

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