Consistently rated as one of the top Ontario Provincial parks, Bon Echo is home to several lakes. Mazinaw Lake is the most famous, and the Mazinaw Rock contains the largest collection of native pictographs in Ontario. When you want fresh air, scenic beauty, and a dose of adventure, plan a Bon Echo camping trip to explore all these wonders.

Bon Echo is undoubtedly a sight to behold and a popular camping spot. About a three-hour drive from Toronto (and about an hour and a half from Kingston), this beautiful Ontario Provincial Park is a must-visit this summer.

What Can You Do During a Bon Echo Camping Trip?

While the Mazinaw Rock is mesmerising and the most eye-catching attraction, it is not all that the park offers. The Mazinaw Lake, among others, provides opportunities for plenty of lake activities. The lush greenery of the park is not only refreshing to see but helps you pack in some adventure with your family.

When you genuinely want to experience the outdoors, a camping trip scratches that itch like no other. When you plan a Bon Echo camping trip, there are several activities to keep in mind. They include:

CanoeingKayaking, or Paddle boating

The most popular activity in the park is canoeing, paddle boating or Kayaking in the Bon Eco Lagoon. The view of the Mazinaw Rock from the lagoon is spectacular, and the calm waters offer a great experience no matter which watercraft you choose. You are in for a great experience.

Go Hiking with Family

Of course, when you’re in Bon Echo, you cannot spend the trip without trying out a hiking trail at least once! Family-friendly trails such as the High Pines trail or the Bon Echo Creek trail are fun for the kids! You won’t be too tired from the trip to enjoy the great view.

Bon Echo Beach

Dived into two roped-off sections, the Bon Echo Beach is perfect for families. There are toddler depth areas, which ensure that kids can have fun on the beach as well. The sandy beach surrounded by lush greenery makes for an unforgettable experience.

Bon Echo Family Campground

When planning a Bon Echo Camping trip, you cannot miss out on the actual camping part. The campground is ideal for families, with enough space to have a fun experience, even for first-time campers. You can choose whether you want to stay near spots with electrical access and music options or get an authentic camping experience in electricity and radio-free spots.

When Should You Go for a Bon Echo Camping Trip?

Does Bon Echo sound like the place of your dreams? Well, it is something that you should experience at least once if you like to explore the great outdoors.

Generally, Bon Echo remains open from May to October, and you must make reservations five months in advance. You can even book your kayak rights 24 hours before you hit Bon Echo with your family. 

For those who do not mind the heat and the insects that typically come with summer, camping in Bon Echo could be a great idea! A sunny day is exactly what you need to experience Bon Echo in its true beauty. With numerous lakes, the Bon echo Beach, and Lagoon, there are plenty of places for you to cool off. 

If you would prefer milder weather, you can visit Bon echo park near the fall or autumn. You will have the same great experience, just without the added bother of sweltering heat and creepy crawlies.

How Long Should You Stay?

When you decide to go for a Bon Echo camping trip, ensure that you plan a stay for at least two to three days. Bon Echo is huge, with numerous sights to see and activities to explore. To get a true sense of the place, make sure you have plenty of time on hand.

Ensure to check the official website for the latest updates and regulations, especially about fire bans which can be common due to the drought in the area. When visiting Bon Echo park, check the weather app for the park itself and not the city. Pack your bags accordingly, and get ready for an unforgettable time.

Planning a Bon Echo camping trip is an exciting affair. While you may need to wait five months for your reservations, the wait is worth it. Every moment spent inside the park helps you come closer to nature and experience the world in a new light. However, be cautious about packing properly before starting your journey, though the site offers many amenities and options for campers. 

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