Courtesy: Underwater video of the USAT Liberty Wreck, Tulamben, Bali, captured by Florine of www.worldadventuredivers.com.

The USAT Liberty Wreck is one of the most famous wrecks in the world. Florine witnessed a beautiful sunrise on Rinjani volcano (Lombok) and was ready to dive from the dark pebble beach of Tulamben, Bali at 6 am. Watch the light gradually increasing during the video, and see the amazing marine life found inside and around the wreck.

The 120-m long wreck, USAT Liberty – a former American supply ship, now rests underwater at a 90 degree angle. Hit by a Japanese torpedo during World War II and rendered non-functional, the ship was stranded on the rocky beach of Tulamben. The Mount Agung volcanic eruption in 1963 moved the ship off of the beach into the water.

The Liberty Wreck is now home to extraordinary marine life and corals.  Anemones, hydroids, bump-head parrotfish, napoleon wrasse, lizardfish and barracuda are regularly spotted around the wreck. As the shallow area of the ship lies only four meters (13 feet) under the ground, even snorkelers can enjoy the rich marine life it harbors.

Guide: Yogi from Dive Concepts Tulamben

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