Going Green is in, and for good reason. Taking care of the earth has never been more vital, and consumers are reflecting that. Did you know that according to the EPA, approximately 75% of waste in America is able to be recycled, but only 30% meets a green fate? This is in a country where 87% of people have access to drop-off or curbside recycling programs.

Being a green consumer is not just great for the earth – it can be just as good to your wallet. In light of the new year, make a commitment to keep your carbon footprint minimal. For example, everyone has something that they loved and used over and over, only to have it now no longer work. Thinking of throwing it away? Think again! Items can be repurposed, giving an old, useless thing a new life.

Here are ways to recycle, reuse and repurpose in 2017:

  •  Instead of throwing out the beautiful box you purchased your product in, use it for storage of other items.
  • Place plastic bags in an empty tissue box to create a bag dispenser.
  • Instead of tossing those ugly plastic bottles, turn them into a quick and easy DIY self watering planter.
  • Broken jewelry? Using basic tools such as needle nose pliers and jump rings, you can mix and match to recreate a brand new, one of a kind piece.
  • Place decorative paper in an old picture frame and use it as a serving tray.

If none of these ideas work for you or your household, don’t worry. Your ability to reuse something goes as far as your imagination, which means the possibilities are endless.

Can’t think of a way to repurpose a used product? Donate it, because somebody else may already have an idea in mind and is looking for the item you no longer find useful.

Check out the following infographic for great ideas on items and ways to recycle, reuse, and donate!

Top 20 Things to Recycle and Reuse Inforgraphic

Infographic by globepackaging

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