Philippines is quickly becoming a popular exotic destination for many travel lovers – its natural wonders, perfect beaches, and hospitality is what makes this country special. There’s so much to explore on your Philippines travel that you’ll be wishing you could stay longer! So here’s a list of the top destinations that will make you understand why this country has so much promise as a travel destination:

Boracay, Western Visayas

Acclaimed for being one of its most visited destinations, Boracay is known for its beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife. The white-sand beaches and clear blue waters are what mainly attracts many travel lovers to this small island. It is actually so small that it can be navigated with a rented bicycle or motorbike. Despite its size, there’s a lot to see and discover in Boracay. Enjoy a half-day tour to one of the island’s many beaches, go parasailing off Bulabong Beach, or cliff dive to the ocean from Ariel’s Point.

There’s a number of nightlife options here and you’ll find live entertainment and music happening all night long. Many bars offer lots of food and snacks and cultural shows are also available on Friday nights, where fire dancers entertain you all night long. Boracay is a dream travel destination.

Philippines: View of Bohol Beach

Photo: April Kim via Pixabay

Legazpi, Albay

Legazpi is recognized as one of the top growing cities in the country. The most famous landmark in Legazpi is the Mayon Volcano, which is considered to be the world’s most perfect cone volcano.

Enjoy a sunset lake cruise in Sumlang Lake, go waterfall-hopping, or go rough riding around the volcano’s lava trail. The province is known for its spicy delicacies, so if you have spicy cravings then Legazpi should be on your list of places to travel to. The city is also full of history with its centuries-old churches, such as the Saint Raphael Archangel Church and the Daraga Church. Many good reasons to travel to this outstanding city.

Mayon Volcano during daytime

Photo: Merril Yu via Flickr

Coron Island, Coron

If you’re a travel lover hoping to find adventure, Coron Island is the place to be. The most visited attractions are Lake Kayangan and Lake Barracuda, where you can snorkel and swim in the clear freshwater. Coron is also famous for its Sunken Japanese Wrecks surrounded by sea turtles, fish, and coral. These ships have been around the island since World War II and are absolutely breathtaking to see. Banol Beach and the Twin Lagoons are also very popular with travel and adventure lovers on the island. Be sure to bring your snorkeling and diving equipment.

Philippines: Coron Island

Photo: Anthony Coronado via Flickr

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

The Chocolate Hills are an absolute must-see when visiting Bohol. They’re a rolling terrain group of unusual cone-shaped hills. The dimension, remoteness, and oddness of these mountains make them a major landmark of the province. Each mountain is perfectly round and shares the same symmetry, making them look almost artificial.

It is actually unknown how many mountains there are in total, but it is known that there are at least 1,268 of them. The name comes from the brown color of the cogon grass takes during the summer. You can see the mountains from a viewing deck where you can marvel at the scenery all year round when you travel here.

Philippines: Chocolate Hills

Photo: David Leaño via Flickr

El Nido, Palawan

Known for its white-sand beaches and verdant jungle, El Nido is where you can experience the natural splendor of the country. The resort is comprised of four islands with unique adventure options. Beyond the pristine waters where you can see beautiful coral reefs, steep limestone cliffs dominate the island creating a beautiful landscape.

From canoeing around the lagoons to taking a cooking class with the family, there is a wide range of activities to suit every level of interest and experience. Take a cultural tour of the Filipino culture or enjoy restaurants located right by the beach. Truly an exotic travel destination.

Philippines: El Nido Beach

Photo: Jack Versloot via Flickr

Hinatuan Enchanted River, Surigao del Sur

Full of tranquil blue waters, palm trees, and rock rivers, the Hinatuan Enchanted River is a place of paradise. Thousands of fish and other species are also swimming along the river, where snorkelers come to see these exotic creatures. The dark blue parts indicate the deeper sections of the river – so deep that no one has actually reached the bottom. What makes this river “enchanted” that the original source is unknown up to this day. The clear waters are a natural wonder.

Hinatuan Enchanted River

Photo: Lawrence Craft via Flickr

Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras, Ifugao

Philippines travel would not be complete without witnessing the spectacular rice terraces. Carved from the mountain ranges by the Ifugao tribes around 2,000 years ago, the terraces resemble giant steps that reach up to the sky. There are five sites that make up the terraces:

  • Bangaan Rice Terraces
  • Hungduan Rice Terraces
  • Nagacadan Rice Terraces
  • Batad Rice Terraces
  • Mayoyao Rice Terraces

The terraces are a landscape of unparalleled, natural beauty. The mud and stone walls are used to hold the ponds where the rice was cultivated. There is also an irrigation system the Ifugao tribe people created to supply continuous water to the rice. It is a national treasure and is also considered to be the 8th wonder of the world. A Philippines travel must!

Rice Terraces

Photo: ahmad harazy via Flickr

Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Because of its lush forests and pristine beach resorts, Puerto Princesa is sometimes acclaimed to be the cleanest and greenest city you can visit during your Philippines travel. The city is famous for its Underground River, the longest underground river in the world. Amongst the Iwahig River are an abundance of fireflies at night, and you can experience this on a paddle boat tour. Snorkel and island hop around the clear waters of Honda Bay or climb on Ugong Rock and try zip lining or trekking. Dive around the Puerto Princesa Bay and witness some of the marine wildlife. It is a nature lover’s paradise.

Philippines: Underground Cave

Photo: paweesit via Flickr

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