Ever wonder what it’s like to travel like a celebrity? Between private villas, exclusive accommodations, islands with crystalline waters, and poolside champagne, you’ll have a chance to escape from the monotonous drone of reality with a ticket to some of the most luxury travel destinations in the world. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back vacation, a family trip, or a girls night out, these glamorous, celebrity-status travel destinations will not only jazz up your stay, but also your Insta-feed. Who doesn’t love to be pampered on a beach or treated to a romantic evening on the water?

With wine tastings, rugged coastlines, exotic meals, and high-end boutiques, welcome to a lifestyle of glam, glitz, and gold. Here are the most glam destinations for the ultimate luxury travel experience:

Capri, Italy

This charming island located off the Sorrentine Peninsula will give you the best luxury travel experience. Its rugged landscape, upscale boutiques in Capri Town, and glamorous hotels are just a small part of it. Every year, the island hosts an art film festival where directors can screen films that are yet to premiere in theaters. So, you’ll be able to get a sneak peek and possibly meet one of your favorite film directors! There’s plenty to do on this luxurious island in Italy.

Capri, Italy

Capri, Italy. Photo: Harold Litwiler via Flickr

Inside town, you can also explore coffee shops or dine in exquisite restaurants that offer the best of what the island has to offer. One of the most well-known sites here is the Blue Grotto, a dark cavern where the sea glows blue as sunlight passes through the underground cave. You’ll never want to leave once you travel to Capri!

capri italy

Capri. Photo via Pixabay

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is Portugal’s “pearl of the Atlantic.” The cosmopolitan ambiance and enchanting greenery make this island a paradise for many travelers that come from all over the world to see the natural beauty of this amazing luxury travel destination. Known for its botanical gardens, volcanic soil, and magnificent coastal views, Madeira is a travel location fit for royalty. You’ll be amazed by its high, green cliffs and elegant towns of charm and grace. And, if you’re looking for luxury, you’ve definitely come to the right destination.

Glamorous view of shore in Maderia

Photo: Any Hawkins via Wikipedia Commons

Quiet water channels lie between rural areas located along the coast make it a serene, scenic destination. In addition, there are lots of activities on offer, such as sailing, hiking, dolphin watching, and so much more. Wine-making in Madeira has a long history, a tradition that’s been around since the 15th century, so you’ll have the opportunity to taste some of the finest wines in the world. Cheers to that!

Glamorous view of Madeira

Photo: Stefanie Kurtz via Flickr

Hvar Island, Croatia

Off the Dalmatian coast, Hvar Island is one of the playground of the well heeled, and brilliant for people watching. The warm winters and pleasant summers, as well as the Mediterranean culture, are all what truly make the island a glamorous island spot to which to travel. Hvar Island gives you extraordinary panoramic views of fields of lavender and olive vineyards, all tucked away in the heart of a bustling and growing Croatia community. This luxury travel site will blow you away!

luxury travel Hvar Island

Hvar Island. Photo: David Curry via Flickr

Go sailing on a private yacht, take a dip in the crystal blue waters of its beaches, dive into the exotic nightlife – there’s much you can do when you bask under the Croatian sun. You can also enjoy high quality, private accommodations in one of the most fashionabale Med islands. Who knows, you might even run into the likes of Tom Cruise or Prince Harry taking a midnight dip. Travel here to find out for yourself!

luxury travel Hvar Stari_Grad

Stari Grad. Photo: Rplevak via Wikipedia Commons

St. Barts, Caribbean 

Famous for its white, sandy beaches like Saline Beach and Colombier Beach, there’s a reason why St. Barts or Saint-Barthélemy is a luxury travel favourite with many celebrities. This tropical paradise is a combination of sophistication and glamour with its chic boutiques, fine dine restaurants with breathtaking views, spas and luxury yachts. During your stay, you can choose to either book private or public hotels with interiors that will make you feel like you’re staying at a palace, perfect for “glamming” up your travel lifestyle.

Glamorous view of St. Barts yachts

Photo via Wikipedia Commons

Along with luxurious stays at fancy hotels, you can dine in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants and experience some of the best nightlife in the world, with the many bars and clubs the island has to offer. If you’re looking for a European-style utopia with plenty of room for luxury travel activities, both indoor and out, St. Barts in the Caribbean is the travel destination for you!

St. Barts, Caribbean

St. Barts, Caribbean. Photo: JD Lasica via Flickr

Isla Robinson Crusoe, Chile

An island full of coastal cliffs and wondrous treasures, Robinson Crusoe is the ideal place for a connection with paradise. Visit the towns of San Juan Bautista and Valparaíso for its rich history and to experience the culture of Chile. You can reserve a stay at the Robinson Crusoe Island Resort for an authentic travel experience in either a lodge or a levu, a luxury hotel, with accommodations that will suit everyone.

Robinson_Crusoe_Island chile (2)

Photo: Serpentus via Wikimedia Commons

Take a swim in the crystal-clear waters and discover the rich underwater life that lies within. You’ll be living in a tropical land that will allow you to be one with nature on this luxury travel vacation to Robinson Crusoe in Chile.

luxury travel Robinson Crusoe

Isla Robinson Crusoe. Photo: Lovisa Wistrand via Flickr

Kauai, Hawaii 

The solitude and unspoiled beauty of Kauai both make this travel spot a place where tons of celebrities love to stay. Stars such as Ben Stiller, Julia Roberts, and Pierce Brosnan have been seen relaxing here to escape their busy lifestyles and to find time to themselves. Who would blame them? Kauai is an absolute must if you’re looking for a glamorous travel experience. At Kauai, you can find many beaches, resorts, and amenities to satisfy your luxury travel lifestyle.

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii. Photo: Ben K via Flickr

So why does Kauai attract the rich and the famous? They crave privacy, and that’s available in spades as a lot of the island is remote as there is only one main road. Also, think world famous beaches, surfing, rejuvenating spa treatments and hiking in the green lands of Kauai. Now, that’s what I call a luxury travel experience!

luxury travel Grand Hyatt Kauai

Grand Hyatt Hotel. Photo: Russell Harrison Photography

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

This charming and unique island village located on the Budvanska Riviera offers the most luxury travel activities for you to enjoy. The island is now owned by the luxury Aman resort, famous for being a great wedding and honeymoon location. 15th-century stone villas overlook pink-sand beaches near its turquoise waters. Unwind in a Turkish-style bath, or take a sailboat across the coast for pristine views of the island resort.

Saint Stefan, Montenegro

Saint Stefan, Montenegro. Photo: Francois Schnell via Flickr

Between snow-capped mountains, exotic forests, and clear lakes, at Sveti Stefan, you’ll be living the luxurious life no matter where you are, as you’re staying in such a romantic, relaxed atmosphere. Sveti Stefan will have you wanting to extend your travel stay – after Sly Stallone, Sophia Loren and Queen Elizabeth II can’t be wrong!

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro. Photo: Peter Dyakov via Flickr

Le Val, France

The petite town Le Val is a luxury travel delight full of greenery, crystal-clear waters, and unique features to balance its tranquil setting. You’ll be surrounded by France’s most breathtaking scenery of the province. Some of the most beautiful villages and remarkable gardens in France are also here.

Go camping in one of the most serene sites or enjoy a bed and breakfast at the finest hotels. As a fun fact, Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie got married in Le Val and even own a home here! In Le Val, you’ll have a luxury travel experience that will be remembered for years to come.

Le Val, France

Le Val, France. Photo: Jean-Philippe Chevreau via Flickr

Laglio, Italy

Near the western shore of Lake Como, Laglio is best known for its charming and quiet scenery. George Clooney even purchased a villa here to spend his holidays. Limestone mountains and pastel-colored villas are just a part of some of the best sights to see in the village. The San Bartolomeo and San Girolamo are two beautiful churches that are definitely worth a visit. 

Laglio is also known for the Bear’s Hole, a karst cave where underground lakes are hundreds of yards deep and are home to a bear species that dates back to the Quaternary Period. The cuisine is also evolving in Laglio – a fine selection of pasta, fish, and meat. Laglio in Italy is a definite must to add to your luxury travel destinations around the world!

Laglio, Italy

Laglio, Italy. Photo: Clive Martin via Flickr

Montego Bay, Jamaica

As one of Jamaica’s most luxurious spots, Montego Bay is where its tropical shores will take you on an adventure of a lifetime. This popular spot is home to numerous beaches and resorts for all kinds of travellers and has something for everyone Famous beaches include Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach, both known for their clear waters and near-white sand.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay. Photo: Carson Matthews via Flickr

Stay at a local villa or seek solace and relaxation in a Jamaican-style spa. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try parasailing across the beach waters or go snorkeling around the coastline. Montego Bay is also known for its lively nightlife, a place where you will, without a doubt, experience some of the best perks a glamorous travel destination can offer.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Rockhouse Hotel in Montego Bay. Photo: Jon Lee Clark via Flickr

Happy travels in luxurious places!

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