If you’re looking for something that’s healthy and delicious, this one-pot Red Pea Soup recipe is the answer. Emma-Louise of of Treats & Ting shares this comfort food recipe with us and says, “Being of Jamaican decent, in my household we grew up eating some sort of soup every Saturday. There was always some sort of pot on the stove. This recipe is red pea soup; one pot comfort food at its best. It sounds heavy, but is fluffy and fresh; perfect to eat all year round. If you want to lighten it up, then just remove the dumplings.” 
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Red Pea Soup Recipe


600g potato 
300g sweet potato  
300g pumpkin  
300g yam 
(all vegetables chopped to roughly 3cm² cubes)  
200g chunkily chopped onion 
2tbsp rapeseed oil 
(all seasonings a level spoon) 
2tbsp all purpose seasoning  
1tsp black pepper 
1tbsp mixed herbs  
1tbsp salt  
1 can, undrained kidney beans (with salt) 
1 can, coconut milk  
1l water  
Fresh thyme to taste  
200g plain flour (gluten free optional)  
100ml water  
1tsp all purpose seasoning  
1tsp mixed herbs 
vegan red pea soup recipe 


-Start by chopping and preparing all vegetables and ingredients  
-Add 2tbsp rapeseed oil to a large saucepan, heat oil and add onion  
-Let onions cook through for 2-3mins over a moderate heat 
-Add seasonings: all purpose seasoning, salt, mixed herbs, black pepper 
-Next add the water and bring to the boil  
-Add all the remaining vegetables; potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, yam and cook on a low heat for 15 minutes 
-Add fresh thyme to taste and cook for a further 10 minutes  
-Next add kidney beans and turn stove from a low to moderate heat and simmer for 10 minutes  
-Whilst the soup is simmering you can begin to prepare the dumplings.  
-Add the flour into a bowl along with the mixed herbs & all purposeseasoning 
-Bit by bit begin adding the water. Water may vary on how you like the consistency of your dumplings & also the type of flour.  
-Kneed together then pinch off a £2 coin size chunk of dough and roll into small dumplings  
-Add dumplings to the pan & simmer for 10 minutes  
-Finally, add coconut milk & simmer for 5 minutes 
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