Based on your zodiac sign, which travel destination are you likely to enjoy most?

Astrology is a unique topic that sparks a lot of people’s interest. By knowing someone’s zodiac sign, you have a general idea on their characteristics and personalities. However, zodiac signs can help you determine your next vacation trip too. From a balanced Libra to a foodie Taurus, discover your next destination based on your zodiac sign.


They’re described as adventurous, independent, and outgoing people. They’re not afraid to travel solo and they love creating memories with their travel partners. However, you need a lot of energy and bravery if you want to keep up with an Aries. Basically, anywhere that can keep an Aries on their feet is an ideal vacation for them.

For the adventurous Aries, your next destination should keep you on toes and what better place to go than Costa Rica? Located in Central America, eco-friendly Costa Rica is known for its rainforest, volcanoes, and nightlife. The best time to visit Costa Rica is mid-December to April when the weather is usually drier and hot. Because of the drier weather, there’s more room to roam around the beaches and bar hop in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

Immersed in Costa Rica Nature. Photo: Arturo Sotillo via Flickr


If there’s one word that can make a Taurus jump on their feet, it’s the word “food.” These foodies love traveling to relaxing destinations that gives them a sense of comfort. Also those under the Taurus sign admire eye-catching views because it gives them a chance to take a lot of pictures. Whether its a luxury resort or nature life, anything that involves food and a good view is their ideal vacation spot.

Therefore, a trip to Naples is an ideal vacation spot for this foodie sign. From a delicious, authentic Italian meal to a jaw-dropping view, Naples has everything a traveler looks for in a vacation spot. Also, it’s not a true Naples trip if you don’t try their pizza. According to multiple sources, there are three official variants of Neapolitan pizza: Pizza Marinara, Pizza Margherita, and Pizza Margherita Extra. Overall, this is a delicious vacation you don’t want to miss out on when you visit Italy.

Naples, Italy

Photo: Michele Landi via Flickr


A Gemini is a light packer and they have no problem talking to people when they need help exploring a city. The Gemini sign is usually described as people who are unpredictable and curious. Evidently, their unique perspective in traveling makes exploring new destinations more fun and enjoyable.

Therefore, an ideal vacation for the Gemini sign is island-hopping in the Philippines. One of the most popular islands in the Philippines is Coron Island. It is the third largest island in Calamian Island. Also, it is popular for its historic sites like the Japanese shipwrecks of World War II. If you’re searching for something unique on your vacation trip then you’ll be excited to hear that there are some hidden lagoons in the Philippines too. For example, the Secret Lagoon in El Nido, Palawan, on the Miniloc Island is a tourist favorite. Apparently, there’s only one way to enter inside the lagoon and that is through a small cave.

Coron Island in the Philippines

Photo by Ray in Manila via Flickr


This water sign loves traveling as much as the next sign, however they prefer somewhere comforting that’s equivalent to the comfort of their own homes. They enjoy getting lost in new places and they have no problem interacting with strangers if they need some guidance to explore a city. Furthermore, they enjoy outdoor activities like biking, playing volleyball on the beach, or swimming on a tropical island.

One of the best areas to feed their adventurous side is biking in Bordeaux, France. This lovely port city is France’s sixth largest city. Bordeaux is popular for its wine regions and they are specifically popular for their red wines. Furthermore, there’s a lot of history behind Bordeaux’s architectures, museums, and art centers. Consider visiting the beautiful and historic Gothic Cathédrale Saint-André or the beautiful Place de la Bourse where they have a reflecting pool.

Bordeaux, a port city in France

Photo: stuthnagyniki via Pixabay


Other than the energetic Aries, Leo is also one of the most energetic signs of the zodiac signs. They don’t mind being the center of attention and they’re considered as the “party animals” of the zodiac signs. Leo’s are bright, cheerful, and it’s never a dull moment with them. Therefore, any travel destination with an amazing night life is an ideal location for them to visit.

Monaco is a tiny city-state in France that’s popular for luxe hotels, nightlife, and delicious restaurants. This is the ultimate spot for the Leo sign to explore, to have fun, and to have an unforgettable adventure. As mentioned beforehand, Monaco has quite a reputation for their popular night life and clubs. If you enjoy live music and a relaxing night then consider visiting La Rascasse for an enjoyable evening. On the other hand, if you’re someone who feels most alive and social at night, then Jimmy’z is an ideal spot for you to have a fun night.

Monaco at night

Photo:  Julius_Silver via Pixabay


Virgo’s are organized traveler who values detail when they’re doing their research on a potential vacation spot. One of the greatest things about Virgos is the fact that they have engaging itinerary and everybody enjoys traveling with them. Furthermore, Virgos are known to enjoy a location that has diversity or it should have a lot options to choose from.

Peru is the perfect destination for Virgos because it has a little bit of everything that they want in a vacation. First, they can start their day with a trip to the Centro Historico in Cusco to feed their historic side. Then they can indulge on some delicious food by enjoying a Peruvian cooking class. They can also take a trip into Peru’s popular indoor local markets. If they’re searching for somewhere low-key with a fun nightlife then the Ukukus Bar or Lima Bar is an ideal spot for them.

Cusco, Peru Iglesia De La Compania De Jesus

Cusco, Peru. Photo: Matthew Hickey via Flickr


Libra is popular for being the balanced sign. They enjoy a little bit of everything, however, they generally admire activity based attractions than a hike on a mountain. For example, they enjoy live music, art, and entertainments. They also don’t mind a short shopping trip at the local market or street vendors too. Libras also appreciate cultural activities as much as they enjoy a delicious meal by the beach.

Therefore, an unforgettable trip to Tahiti is an ideal spot for Libra. Tahiti has enough activities to get the Libra sign on their feet and be super entertained. For example, a Tahitian style Luau will capture the Libra’s attention quickly. Also, a quick visit to Point Venus, a peninsula on the north coast of Tahiti, is a perfect day for Libras too. At the same time, Libras can have a cultural adventure by visiting the Manua Exquisite Tahitian Art. All in all, these exciting activities will allow the Libra sign to feel relax and entertained.

Black volcanic beach in Tahiti

Photo by Derek Keats via Wikimedia Commons


Compared to most of the zodiac signs, Scorpio’s prefer private and quieter vacation spots. The Scorpio sign is also known to be deep thinkers and curious people. To continue, they are naturally drawn to exotic destinations or a locations with diversity. However, there needs to be balance and structure to the vacation trip in order for the Scorpio sign to enjoy the most out of their vacation trip.

Cook Islands is the perfect spot to visit for the Scorpio sign because it’s exotic, relaxing, and structural at the same time. First, Cook Islands is made up of 15 different islands and some say it has similar qualities to Hawaii. Therefore, if you enjoyed going to Hawaii then Cook Islands should feel familiar when you arrive to the islands. Next, Scorpios are deep thinkers, so the arts & culture aspects of this island may appeal to their interests. From a village tour around Rarotonga and Aitutaki, to participating with “Island nights” where you get the opportunity to learn about the islands history and traditional dances, this is a unique adventure waiting to be discovered.

Etu Moana, Cook Islands, New Zealand

Etu Moana, Cook Islands. Photo: Robert Young via Flickr


This fiery sign appreciates higher learning, ancient cultures, and mythology. If a site has loads of history behind it, then you’ll most likely catch the Sagittarius exploring every detail about that site. To continue, they are also drawn to philosophy and learning new things everyday. They are one of those people who always ask the question “why?” and they also want to learn something new every day. Furthermore, Sagittarius is also one of the top zodiac sign that loves traveling and splurging on an unforgettable trip. If one word can describe this fiery sign, it’s “Wanderlust.” All in all, Sagittarius loves being on the move and gaining as many new experiences as possible.

One of the best spots for the Sagittarius sign to visit is Bagan, Myanmar. Bagan is an ancient city that’s located southwest of Mandalay. It’s popular for its cultural sites, biking, beautiful sunset, hot air balloons, and local markets. For example, Bagan is popular for an area call “Bagan Archaeological Area.” It has over 2,000 Buddhist monument towers. Also, you can catch the beautiful sunset over the Irrawaddy River in the evening.

Temples in Bagan, Myanmar.

Temples in Bagan, Myanmar. Photo by Anne Dirkse-CC via Flickr


Capricorns are the ultimate travel planners who admire traditionalism and historic sites. They make an amazing travel partner because they know the best places to visit at any time. However, you won’t always catch them roaming around national parks or participating on outdoor activities. This zodiac sign prefers something more city, chic, relaxing, with a balance of everything. From nature, city, and lots of traditions, Capricorns looks for those qualities when they travel.

One of the best spots for them to visit is Amsterdam because it’s crowded enough that it makes them curious to discover more about the city. There’s also loads of historical sites and beautiful architectures that will keep the Capricorns curious about the city’s history. For example, Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national museum that’s dedicated to arts and history. Above all, like most signs, Capricorns strives for a relaxing and calming vacation. Therefore, a bike ride in the evening will allow them to feel tranquil and relax before ending their night in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Netherlands

Amsterdam. Photo: dolcece via Pixabay


This air sign enjoys visiting unconventional and strange destinations. They have a love for visiting the same place over and over again if they really like that area. As travelers, they may not be super organized but they enjoy trying unique things when they’re on vacation. Therefore, if you’re searching for a travel partner who’s down to do anything and explore the unique side of the world, then Aquarius is the perfect travel partner for you.

An ideal vacation spot for the Aquarius sign is Lapland, Finland. Lapland is located in the northernmost region of Finland and it is widely known for its ski resorts, sunset and sunrise view, and subarctic wilderness. While you’re in Lapland, consider hiking and exploring Urho Kekkonen National Park. If you’re in a photography mood, consider visiting some of Lapland’s most Instragrammable areas like Kuninkaanlaavu, Rovaniemi where you can get a wonderful view of the beautiful forest in the day time. At night, you can lie down and have the astonishing view of the stars.

Snow in Lapland, Finland zodiac sign travel

Lapland. Photo: adege via Pixabay


This water sign adores a relaxing vacation to the beach or anywhere that’s tranquil. For example, you’ll probably catch them in the morning watching the sunrise or going on a fun hiking adventure. Also, they enjoy a simple vacation that’s filled with cultural attractions and activities too. To continue, Pisces are usually simple travelers who seek tranquility. They don’t need to stay in a fancy hotels or resorts to enjoy their vacation trip. Of all the signs in the chart, Pisces tend to be the kindest, simplest, and relaxed travelers of the zodiac signs.

Therefore, the perfect vacation spot for Pisces is the Li River in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, in China. There are a number of fun activities that visitors can do at the Li River. For example, there’s bamboo rafting, hiking, and simply enjoying the beautiful scenery. This scenery is Instagram worthy and it’s going to make the Pisces sign feel super relaxed on their trip. Overall, the Li River is a relaxing area filled with history, therefore it’s a lovely spot that all Pisces should visit on their next vacation trip to Asia.

The Li River in China

Li River, China. Photo: Dariusz Jemielniak via Wikimedia Commons

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