Chicago Photography Tour: Explore the iconic city like a local


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5 hours
Depends on plans and comfort level

This half-day excursion is a 5-hour Chicago photography tour that gives you the feel of being a local. Whether you prefer the iconic Chicago tourist locations or desire more to see the “locals” version with some of our unique and hidden gems, you’ll be shown unique perspectives and be challenged to photograph differently than you have been.

Tour Through A Lens is an intense, urban photography adventure, and each tour is customized for you. Along the way, you’ll hear “Chicagoisms”, fun facts, some quirky stories and experience visual examples of the city’s rich architectural history.

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, made up of 77 neighborhoods, and is known for its historic and modern architecture, its food, its people, its cultures and its magnificent views. There is so much to explore and photograph! How do you make this visit your own story?

Built with your goals, interests and photography equipment in mind, your tour becomes a photographic experience. Photographer Teresa Peek is your local photography guide to Chicago.

This tour is an eco-friendly blend of walking and public transit. If you’re planning a visit to Chicago, book a custom Tour Through A Lens tour and experience the city like a local!

Tour Includes:

  • Blend of walking and public transit
  • Local photography guide
  • $10 transit pass

The Goal:

  • See things you haven’t before, in ways you never thought to look and turn them into meaningful and creative memories.
  • Change the way you participate in other tours and affect the way you see your city or hometown. The hope is that you will take what you learn and apply it to every place you visit, and return to Chicago for inspiration.


  • Price: $290. Includes one client. One companion is no extra charge
  • 3-5 people: $65 each additional person
  • If you are bringing more than five of your photography friends, please contact the tour guide