London finally has its own light festival from Jan 14 – Jan 17, 2016 and here’s presenting the great, good and the underwhelming. At Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus, the insane crowds meant that you’d find your nose pressed into a complete stranger’s back. It raised the temperature on a freezing night for certain, but it was a good vibe and some of the artworks were worth the heroic struggle for some personal space.

Les Voyageurs (The Travellers), Cédric Le Borgne was our favourite (above at St James’s Square)

Loved Les Luminéoles, Porté par le vent – the flying fish that looked like the aliens had landed (Piccadilly Circus)

London light fest11London, Janet Echelman / Studio Echelman at Oxford Circus looked like a brilliant, giant vagina. A definite favourite! 

195 Piccadilly, NOVAK – if you could find a spot to stand still, it was an interesting experience.

Piccadilly was absolute madness but the installations in the park were dramatic and beautiful.

London light fest2

Grosvenor Square in Mayfair was probably the most underwhelming for us.

These are key highlights from several installations that were spread out. It might be easier next year to have them closer to each other, for it felt a bit like a treasure hunt which didn’t always reward.