The North Sea; the northeastern arm of the Atlantic Ocean, is surrounded by fantastic places to visit including Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Here’s what makes these the best countries to visit in Europe:

Great Britain

Divided into the four countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, this deceptively small island is filled with amazing experiences and a huge range of things to see and do. Opt for a city break in the bustling capital of London, visit the north of England for countryside break in vacation hotspots like the Lake District, Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales, or for an unforgettable road trip use this Scotland tours planner and be sure to check out the Highlands and Islands. Take the ferry across to Northern Ireland where you can shop till you drop in Belfast or travel further into the countryside where you can enjoy the scenery. Coast and culture – the UK has it all!

Isle of Skye British Isles scotland travel

Isle of Skye Photo: FrankWinkler via Pixabay


Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg and Odense are some of the most popular destinations to visit in Denmark, and there’s certainly plenty to see and do. From museums to castles and fun activities like skiing off the top of a power station, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to filling your itinerary. Jutland also has the biggest concentration of beaches for some seaside fun.

Copenhagen, Denmark happiest countries

Copenhagen. Photo: Bente Jønsson via Pixabay


This stunning country is quickly becoming more and more popular with visitors – especially those who want to be in with a chance of seeing the Northern Lights. One of the richest, cleanest and most peaceful countries in the world, there’s plenty of culture and natural beauty, with something for everybody. Go shopping in Oslo, take a river cruise from the best Norwegian cruises 2020 to see the magnificent Fjords, or stand on top of the Kjeragbolten for that perfect Insta-worthy snap.


This large European country is home to several diverse regions and plenty of culture and history. Start your adventure in the capital of Berlin, where you can visit world-famous sites like the Berlin Wall Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate, and the East Side Gallery. If you’re interested in the tumultuous history of the city and want to learn more about the lives of real people from the past then a visit to the DDR Museum, situated near the magnificent Berliner Dom, shouldn’t be missed. Munich is a great destination if you’re planning to travel in autumn to take part in Oktoberfest celebrations and explore charming medieval towns in rural Bavaria.

Lindau's beautiful harbor and old lighthouses make it a charming town to visit. - floating cities

Lindau, Germany Photo: Derks24 via Pixabay

The Netherlands

Amsterdam is certainly the most famous city in the Netherlands, but you can also find many off-the-beaten path destinations to explore in this beautiful country. The capital makes a great base and there are lots of experiences to soak up like the Anne Frank House, Red Light District and the traditional coffee shops. Head to Giethoorn, known a quaint village known as the ‘Venice of the Netherlands’ for a quieter and more rural experience, or visit Utrecht if you’re a history buff as you will enjoy the Centraal Museum and Dom Tower offering fantastic glimpses into the country’s past.


No visit to Belgium would be complete without a visit to the capital of Brussels, a bustling modern city that’s home to the EU Parliament. For outdoorsy tourists who enjoy hiking, camping and cycling, the rugged Ardennes hills make a perfect destination choice with their caves, cliffs and dense forests. Head to Antwerp to experience the ideal mix of history and modern-day living; it’s a fantastic destination for you if you enjoy great food, tasty beer and good times. While you’re there pay a visit to the Diamond District, where over 70 per cent of the world’s rough diamonds are traded.

Which side of the North Sea will your trip start on? These are some of the best countries to visit in Europe – and you won’t be disappointed!

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