Take the stress out of travelling with pets with these fur-st class tips:

Dog-friendly cities: Some of the most dog-friendly cities are Berlin, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Colorado Springs, New York, Geneva, Paris, London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, etc. Read the story of this amazing woman rescued a pup and now she travels the world with her two adorable dogs. 

Paperwork: When you travel, always make sure your pup has all the needed paperwork, vaccinations and insect-repellent to prevent infections through ticks and mosquitos. Always carry your pet’s medical records in case of an emergency.

Watch their eating habits: Don’t let them eat anything from the ground as people might put out poisoned food.

Stray Dogs: Arm yourself with knowledge beforehand on how to act if you and your dog run into stray dogs. Stay calm and ask locals for help if needed.

Gaining a fan following wherever they go

Photo courtesy Julia Pracht

Flights: Flights can be tricky for dogs so make sure they’ve been active before they’re boxed into a crate. Also, different airlines have different rules for pets, so do your research before booking a flight. Some airlines don’t allow particular breeds like bulldogs, pugs and Persian cats as they’re prone to suffocation. Check the database for animal import requirements.

Driving: Make sure you take plenty of breaks and exercise your dog. Strap them in the back with a pet seat belt. Also, make sure they never leave your car without a collar, ID tag and leash.

Pet-friendly accommodation: Always ensure that your dog is welcome in the hotel of your choice. Ask about the amenities for pets and if pets can be left unattended in the room. Go Pet Friendly has great resources for US State Parks that allow pets and their pet-friendly accommodation.

Invest in: No spill travel bowls, pet seat belts, dog carrier, an eco-friendly seat cover for the car, portable litter tray. And a doggie passport perhaps?

You’ll also need a carrier and harness when traveling with a cat.

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