At Ecophiles, we’re always looking for products that are eco-friendly, artisan handcrafted and supporting communities. Here’s our list of fab gifts that let you give back this Holiday season. Your friends will thank you and so will the planet!

iPhone Protective Case Natural Cork


This Natural cork iPhone case, made for the iPhone 5.x, acts as stylish yet functional protective gear for your phone. Each case is made from a blend of dark and light color cork – making the color one of a kind!

Cork comes from the cork tree, which regenerates its bark after harvest. According to the Rainforest Alliance, a cork tree can be stripped of its bark every 9 to 12 months without damaging the tree.

The cork feels like suede, but is as strong as leather, is Water and Moisture resistant, built to last over 10 years with normal wear. This product is Vegan and Lightweight (the cellular structure of cork which is 50% air space) and has a silicone sealant that waterproofs the fabric.

Dimensions: 2.5″ x 5″ x 0.375″

Get the iPhone Protective Case Natural Cork for $39.00.

Bamboo Towel Set


Made from the best quality of bamboo fibers (60s x 60s), this towel set provides that luxurious silky feel. Oeko-Tex 100 certified, the fabric is 100% viscose from Organic Bamboo. The bamboo in this product was harvested mechanically (not chemically manufactured) and colored with low impact dyes.

 Bath Set = 1 x face, 1 x hand & 1 x bath towel

1 x Bath towel – 30″ x 60″

1 x Wash Cloth / Face Towels – 11″ x 13″

1 x Hand Towel – 13″ x 30″

Get the Bamboo Towel Set for $79.99.

Voltaic Systems Portable Solar Travel Bag

Stash and charge your Smartphone, Kindle and camera along with the day’s essentials in this lightweight, eco-friendly solar travel bag. Made with recycled PET, this day bag features a practical design with an adjustable strap that can be worn across the shoulder or straight down. It’s waterproof, lightweight and UV resistant!

The Switch has 6 Watts of rugged solar power embedded into the front of the bag. In addition to the iPad & iPad Mini, the Switch charges smartphones, nearly all USB devices and is compatible with most other tablets including Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus, and the Kindle Fire.


  • 6 Watts of Solar Power: 1 hour in sun = 2 hours talk time or 80 minutes of run time with iPad Mini.
  • Comes with a V15 Battery Pack which can also be charged using any USB port or optional DC or AC chargers.
  • Connect to Devices via 5 standard adapters (micro usb, mini usb, nokia, and 2 universals).

Size: 10.75″ high x 9″ wide x 4.0″ deep
Weight: 1.5 lbs (680 grams) including battery and solar panels

Get the Voltaic Systems PET Portable Solar Travel Bag for $99.00. 

Eco-Friendly PVC-Free Yoga Mat – black/coral orange 

The majority of yoga mats available today are made of harmful materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), BPA and polymer “environmental” resin (PER) that are bad for our health, and our planet. This Eco-Friendly PVC-Free Yoga Mat is made of environmentally friendly materials that adheres to a strict chemical policy.

50% thicker than basic mats, it helps you find better support and comfort. Its closed-cell construction lends to increased water, sweat, and bacteria resistance. And this fabulous mat is designed to keep you balanced in the most demanding poses.

Biodegradable to lessen their environmental impact.

Get the Eco-Friendly PVC-Free Yoga Mat for $39.99.

Cork iPad Case Sleeve


Smooth, strong and sophisticated. This iPad case sleeve Fits iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, iPad Air and iPad with retina display, has a bottom opening for charger and a top flap closing for easy device removal.

Cork is sustainably sourced and a great vegan alternative to leather. Stain and water resistant; to clean – simply wipe with a soft damp cloth and gentle soap, and let air dry. Handmade in Portugal.

Dimensions: 10.2″ x 8.5″ x 0.5″

Get the Cork iPad Case Sleeve for $79.00. 

Ananya Fairtrade Silk Scarf


Ananya, a metallic gold shimmer of a scarf with a feminine pink border. Made of fine Tassar silk, 100% Vegan, in other words – the silk moths responsible for the silk fibers are not harmed during the collections of their cocoons.

Dimensions: 24″ x 80″

Get the Ananya Fairtrade Silk Scarf for $67.49.

EcoGear Shoulder Travel Bag in Charcoal

The perfect shoulder bag for your devices on the go. The plush lined and padded spot for your tablet, plus compartments for your phone or camera and an easy access exterior earbud pocket, you’ll find yourself fully organized in this lightweight feature rich, everyday bag.

The fabric in this product, both the exterior and interior, are derived from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. This process begins with the collection of bottles, which after grinding, washing are spun into yarn and woven into fabrics. The overall process also uses less energy than making polyester out of virgin chemicals.

GreenSmart names many of their eco-friendly products after endangered animals. In their support, they donate 10% of their profits to non-profit organizations.

  • Fits iPad, mini iPad and other tablets up to  10.2″ x 7″ x .5″
  • Exterior Dimension 10.5″ x 8″ x 2.75″

Bambu Bamboo Artisan Cutting & Serving Board in Large

This unique oblong cutting board makes a perfect canvas to display artisan cheeses, local breads, fresh cut veggies or fruit. The charming artisan board is made from 100% Certified Organic Bamboo and is Vegan (No animal products are used in the ingredients or in the production process).
FDA- approved food-safe, the board is chemical and pesticide-free; with no bleaches or dyes. The packaging material is made from 100% recycled fiber or are recyclable.
Dimensions: 19″ L x 10.5″ W

Boutique Mexico Collection

Mini Stella Tote  


This tote is ideal for everyday use and is just the right size to fit all of your daily essentials and add a pop of pretty color to any outfit. Made out of recycled plastic, the Mini Stella Tote is easy to maintain, just wipe it off with water to keep it looking as good as new. The stylish pompoms are all handmade in Chiapas.

Get the Mini Stella Tote for $65.

Bimi Tassel Bracelet 


This bracelet boasts beautiful tassels with eye-catching contemporary colors. Purchase with a Promise: Boutique Mexico pledges one dollar for every bracelet sold to the million-acre Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve located south of Cancun. Restoring our natural resources, one bracelet at a time.

Get the Bimi Tassel Bracelet for $35.

Coco Pouch


With colorful stripes and trendy pompoms, this classic pouch is Spacious enough to keep your essentials secure and organized. The Coco Pouch is function and fashion all in one handbag. Each pouch is carefully constructed thread by thread on a wooden ancient loom pedaled by a talented artisan.

Get the Coco Pouch for $85.

Boutique Mexico celebrates the native crafts of Mexico, enabling the artists and their communities to rise above poverty and achieve economic stability.

The craftswomen take great pride in their work with artistic freedom to choose color patterns for their creations which are often reflective of the craftswoman’s moods and thoughts giving each piece a unique quality.

360 Cookware Stainless Steel Fondue Set

The tradition of gathering with friends over sweet and savory fondue treats has been a favorite for decades! The 360 Cookware Stainless Steel Fondue Set turns your 4 Quart and/or 2.3 Quart Gourmet Cooker into a versatile fondue pot. Enjoy your favorite fondue recipes using the same utensils you use everyday.

This eco-cooking accessory kit includes 6 color-coded forks and a nesting lid. Perfect for sweet and savory recipes. Made with Stainless Steel, no chemicals leach in the food. The Fondue Set is manufactured in the USA, in a green, eco-friendly factory.

The Trailblazer Backpack Series by Mountain Yak 

 The Pioneer Travel Bag


The Pioneer is your go to everyday backpack, featuring padded laptop compartment, padded straps, solid leather base and adjustable buckles.

Get the Pioneer for $89.

The Adventurer Travel Bag


The Adventurer is a rucksack made for any adventure, featuring padded laptop compartment, padded straps, adjustable buckles, solid leather base and zippered front pocket.

Get the Adventurer for $109.

The Explorer Travel Bag


The Explorer features Zippered main compartment and pockets, 2 padded laptop compartments, 2 side pockets, adjustable straps and solid leather base.

Get the Explorer for $129.

The Trailblazer series provides a strong, durable and reliable product – 100% wild hemp. Hemp is the strongest known plant based material. It is 100% environmentally friendly, fast growing, requires no pesticides, no herbicides and no fertilizers.
These backpacks were handcrafted in collaboration with and farmers and artisans in Nepal and benefits community collectives there.