What should you do in order to prepare for a trip to The Grand Canyon? It may sound like an easy question, but the answer is not always straightforward. There are many different things that people need to take into consideration before visiting this natural wonder of the world. In this article, you’ll learn how to prepare when planning a trip to The Grand Canyon.

Plan your trip and research the Grand Canyon’s location and attractions

Before you head out, you must do some research on the Grand Canyon’s location. It’s located in Arizona, just off the Colorado River. There are a number of attractions you will want to visit while there. Always make sure you have a list of things to do in Tusayan and other Arizona towns, and then try to make the most out of it while you are there. It is sometimes hard to see everything you want, especially in places like the Grand Canyon where your possibilities are seemingly endless. 

However, to narrow it down, here is a list of must-see attractions:

  • The Virgin River
  • North Rim Drive
  • Havasupai Falls 
  • Phantom Ranch
  • Hermit Trail
  • Tusayan
  • Lookout Studio 
  • Walnut Canyon National Monument
  • Bright Angel Creek and Cottonwood Campground 

Look for affordable accommodation 

Nobody goes to this place for only a day, so find a good hotel for a decent price. The good thing about Grand Canyon hotels is that they are all very close to the main attractions, which makes it easier on your feet if you’re there with family or friends and need to walk around at night.

The hotels must be considered spacious, clean, and with a good breakfast. Do a little research on this so that you could know the exact facilities.

Pack a backpack with all of your essentials for the day 

Once you head out to the wilderness, you’ll be there the whole day so it’s important to have everything you’ll need. The Grand Canyon is a hot destination so it’s important to pack sunscreen, a hat, and water. Heading out on an adventure or grand sightseeing tour always starts with the basics: putting together your essentials for the day your tourist bag should include.

This will ensure your safety, as well as your comfort. It is essential to remember that the Grand Canyon can get quite uncomfortable during the summer so be sure you pack whatever you’d bring to a beach.

Consider packing an extra set of clothes in case you get wet or dirty on the hike

You’ll get dirty on hiking trips, so you might as well be prepared. Pack an extra set of clothes in case you get wet or dirty on the hike, and don’t forget your towel! Don’t wear cotton clothing for long periods of time when hiking at The Grand Canyon because it will absorb sweat and become heavy. You’ll also want to pack a hat or visor so that you can protect yourself from getting sunburned while out on the trail.

Pack light-weight trekking shoes with a good grip. These are perfect if you’re planning to do any hikes through sandstone trails like those found around The Grand Canyon National Park’s North Rim area. 

Check out a map before you go

You don’t want to get lost on your Grand Canyon visit, so it’s a good idea to check out the map beforehand. You can buy maps at most gift shops and visitor centers along the national park before you start exploring or when you arrive in town. The National Park Service publishes an excellent free map with other helpful information that is widely available almost anywhere inside the park such as The Grand Canyon – A Brief History, Hiking Trails by Region, and Services for Visitors.

In addition to being useful while driving on remote roads, this map also includes lodging facilities and restaurants outside of Grand Canyon National Park but within 15 miles of its borders. These are typically open all year round and provide alternatives if weather conditions close some services inside the park.

Bring a camera

This is a very unique experience and you’ll want memories, so make sure you bring a camera.  Your cell phone camera may not be up to snuff, so invest in a good digital camera. This way, you’ll want to remember what your grand canyon visit was like. Make sure to capture the grandeur of the canyon, but also remember to take shots of yourself with your family and friends. The scenery is so beautiful that you won’t want to miss a moment! 

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