How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day without contributing to climate change with flowers, big cards, and fancy dinners? A great date doesn’t have to add to the carbon footprint plus it can be lighter on your wallet. Celebrating love the eco-friendly way is easier and cheaper than you could ever imagine. Just follow these tips to have the best green date of your life.

Send an e-card

Paper cards are great but the production of greeting cards results in a ton of waste and pollution. Not to mention, your date will probably throw it out later anyway. Try sending an E-card this year. They are easily personalized, saved, and you can even make ones that move! Incorporate your own personal jokes or sayings and add pictures or gifs of you and your date together.


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Get fair-trade chocolate

Use the Rainforest Alliance’s green frog symbol that indicates that the chocolate is sustainably-sourced and socially conscious.

look for fairtrade chocolate

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Buy local flowers

Instead of having flowers shipped from across the country try picking up some flowers at your local farmers market. You could even go out and pick some yourself! You are cutting down on pollution and cost. If you aren’t to keen on the idea of killing some beautiful flowers buy potted flowers that will last into the summer. You can plant them in your garden together. Built-in second date!

Nature is romantic

Go outside! Have a picnic, take a hike or a bike ride, sit on the beach, or just take a Sunday morning walk around the neighborhood park. Being out in nature is romantic so get out of that movie theater and go exploring with your date.

couple walking in the forest on a date

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Go to a sustainable restaurant or cook your own food

Try something new with your date and head out to a great new sustainable restaurant. A sustainable restaurant is committed to seasonal and local produce, and to minimising food waste. Or better yet, cook your own food and use local ingredients. A great date idea is a walk around your local farmer’s market that ends in a romantic meal at home.

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Buy clean gold

The production of fine gold jewelry can produce over 20 tons of mining waste per ring. Check out Earthworks’ list of sustainably sourced gold retailers. They have all made “Golden Pledges” that take into account social, environmental, and economic costs of gold mining.

Try something different on your green date

Variety is the spice of life, right? So try a new kind of date this time. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen together or plant a tree. Do something that you both care about, make something, or do something nice for others. It is a great way to get to know someone better and an even better way to give back.

green date Heart on snowy mountain

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Donate on behalf of your date

Another way to give back is to donate on behalf of your date to his/ her favorite charity or yours. The gift of giving is one of the greenest things you can do for your date.


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