If you have been looking for the miracle product you’ve been missing from your life, look no further! Coconut oil can be as versatile as the person using it. Not only is coconut oil easy to find, it’s a natural alternative to many household items, and has a great smell! For a unique array of uses, check out these amazing coconut oil hacks:

Use it as a makeup remover

Stubborn lipstick? Eyebrow gel that won’t budge? Place a bit room temperature coconut oil on a washcloth or cotton round, and swipe gently back and forth until the makeup is removed.

make up remover coconut oil hacks

Photo: Manu Camargo via Unsplash

Use it as a hair mask

Dry, frizzy, limp hair? Work room temperature coconut oil throughout the hair and massage your scalp rubbing it into the roots. Put a shower cap on and allow to sit for an hour. Wash and rinse with two rounds of shampoo. Voila! Shiny, moisturized tresses. Coconut oil acts as a natural conditioner. You can also rub a few drops on your palms and run them through your hair as a natural anti-frizz charm.

coconut oil hair mask

Photo via Pixabay

Use it to exfoliate

Mix 1 part coconut oil to 2 parts sugar to create a DIY scrub. This can be used on stubborn areas such as the knees and elbows, but given that coconut oil is food safe, feel free to use it as a lip scrub as well! It can also be applied to lips as a natural, easy, one ingredient chapstick.

lips coconut oil hacks

A great lip scrub as well for a juicy pouter! Photo via Pixabay

Use it as a moisturizer

After you’ve exfoliated and rinsed, reapply coconut oil sans sugar to moisturize dry skin. In the summer, the sheen from coconut oil will give you a natural, stunning glow!

coconut oil moisturizer

Photo via Pixabay

Use it in place of shaving cream

Apply a layer of coconut oil to your legs or other area. Avoid placing this near areas that could be sensitive. Shave as you normally would, and watch the razor glide effortlessly, leaving not a hair in its path! Once you rinse it off, experience soft, moisturized skin!

Apply to nails to hydrate and strengthen

Massage a small amount of coconut oil into nail beds and cuticles. Allow to sit and absorb into the skin and nails. Rinse if needed, otherwise allow it to remain on as a moisturizer. Enjoy shiny, healthy nails as a result!

manicure coconut oil hacks

Photo via Pixabay

Use it to heal dry, cracked feet

If your feet need some pampering, look no further than coconut oil. Simply soak feet to soften, create a coconut oil scrub to remove dead skin, and then apply a mixture of equal parts coconut oil and shea butter to heal and moisturize.

DIY Homemade Deodorant

Want to stay off chemicals? Use it as a base along with shea butter and Baking Soda to make your own deodorant.

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