Over the last few years, one movement that’s gained huge momentum across the globe has been the move to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

However, just as there’s been a huge push to be more sustainable, there’s been an equal push from several people who claim that living such a lifestyle is much harder than it seems. Alongside this, you’ll find several articles that claim the ideas of sustainable fashion is only for the rich.

And, while living a sustainable lifestyle may be difficult at first, there are several steps you can take to begin your journey.

Below, we’ve highlighted several ways you can change your habits to begin your sustainable lifestyle journey.

Grow your own

The first place you can start is by growing your own fruit, vegetable and herbs. Now, this may seem a little daunting, but seeds and pots are easy to come by and a quick Google search will tell you what to grow and when. While a few things can be grown indoors, investing in items such as a polytunnel from the likes of Premier Polytunnels will help you to get growing outdoors. But remember, you may not get it right the first time, so, make sure you persevere.

Tiny sprouts growing in a seed tray

Photo by markusspiske via Pixabay

Getting places

Ditching the car as much as possible is one of the biggest steps into sustainability. If you drive to work every day, look into whether cycling is a possibility or how convenient taking public transport is. There’re also car shares with fellow workers that’ll help to reduce the amount of pollution made each day.


Sustainable fashion is on the rise, which, after years of fast fashion is something to be celebrated. While you can find out how sustainable a fashion brand is by doing some research into them, when it comes to buying clothes, go for better quality, long-lasting items to help cut down on how much you buy. And, never underestimate the power of charity and vintage shops when it comes to buying new items of clothing.

Re-use and recycle

Finally, disposable plastic has had a hugely negative impact on the environment, and, if you want to live a sustainable life, cutting down on it is hugely important. Therefore, investing in a reusable water bottle you can carry around with you and even a reusable coffee cup will help cut down on the single-use bottle and cups you may be using. Then there are food containers, rather than buying lunch from the supermarket, take lunch to work with you in a lunchbox you can use again and again.

While there’s much more you can do, these four simple steps will help you on your journey to a sustainable life.

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