While studying in Seville, Spain, it was always nice to put my work down and see the incredible places that Southern Spain has to offer. As a travel lover, I want to understand the city that I am spending time in. Here are some amazing and memorable attractions in Spain for when you travel that I enjoyed immensely. Each of these is either in Seville or Córdoba, and they are great ways to learn about the history and culture of these cities. So add these to your list when you plan for your Spain travel!

Plaza de España

This plaza, the size of five football pitches at 50,000 sq m, is located in the Parque de María Luisa. It hosts mainly government buildings, but has a little water area surrounding the large building. Many people with younger children rode around the 500-metre canal featuring four bridges on little boats – and for this, it is known as the ‘Venice of Seville’! I learned after I visited that this Plaza has been used for numerous films, including one from the Star Wars franchise. On an afternoon that I really needed a break from my studies, this was the place that I would always go to. A gorgeous site for travel lovers.

Seville Plaza de España

Photo: skeeze via Pixabay

Metropol Parasol

Spain travel is incomplete without seeing this magnificent structure. While Metropol Parasol is located in an older area of Seville, it does not look like it. It was created by a German architect, and was completed in 2011. It is about 85 feet tall, and for a low price, you can walk up to the top. The view of Seville here is astonishing, and there are guides to help identify what major buildings you are looking at. While the Catedral de Santa María de la Sede has a great view of the city, I actually preferred the one from this structure. It is not a place that a lot of tours take you to, but those who do not come here are missing out on a worthwhile Spain travel attraction.

Seville Metropol Parasol

Photo: Hernán Piñera via Flickr

Catedral de Santa María de la Sede

This is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world! Building it took over one hundred years (1401-1506). This magnificent structure was created on top of a mosque that was built in the 12th century. The center of this structure rises up 42 meters, and contains the Great Chapel, the tomb of Christopher Columbus, and Giralda, the bell tower. I got to climb to the top of the tower to see a breathtaking view of the entire city of Seville. This immense Cathedral is not to be missed when you travel to Southern Spain!

Seville Cathedral

Photo: Luisfpizzaro via Pixabay

Real Alcázar de Seville

Next to the Cathedral is this incredible palace people all over the world travel to see. It was originally created by Muslim kings, and is a great example of mudéjar architecture style. It is the oldest royal palace that is in use in Europe, and is one of the most beautiful travel sights that I have ever seen. The outside area has beautiful gardens to spend time getting lost in, and the inside features incredible paintings, artifacts, and intricate designs on the walls. This is a great place to spend hours getting lost in on a nice day  when you travel here.

seville alcazar

Photo: Wenjie, Zhang via Flickr

La Mezquita de Córdoba

You simply cannot miss this mosque when you travel to Córdoba. This might be the most beautiful place on this list. This structure demonstrates the religious changes that have happened in Córdoba. It once was a Roman temple, then a mosque, and last a cathedral that Christians built. Inside there are wonderful arches and astonishing patterns along the walls. I walked into La Mezquita with no idea what to expect, and walked out in awe.

Getting to Córdoba from Seville was much simpler than I expected. There are constantly trains running to Córdoba, so you can leave at any time of the day. A must-do for your Spain travel list!

Córdoba Mezquita

Photo: bogitw via Pixabay


Seville is filled with different areas to spend time. But Triana, which requires leaving the main area and crossing the Guadalquivir River, is something unlike anywhere else. I went around Triana on a Tapas tour, and I was not disappointed. There is a mix of older streets with restaurants, and other places that are along the river. I went to Triana for my second night abroad, and it was the perfect way to get adjusted to the new culture I would be spending time studying. Also, make sure to walk over the bridge that connects Triana to the other parts of Seville – or the Puenta de Triana – because it is so beautiful. Adds a new flavor to your Spain travel!

Seville Triana

Photo: tpsdave via Pixabay

Calleja de Las Flores

Yet another area you cannot miss in Córdoba. This street may be one of the more tourist-filled walkways, but there is a reason for it. Houses along this street have open courtyards that they decorate with beautiful flowers. I spent almost forty-five minutes walking from house to house looking at each individual flower display, and I loved to stop and admire the creativity.

Córdoba calleja de las flores

Photo: poperopop via Pixabay

Alcázar de Los Reyes Cristianos

The name of this palace translates to “The Palace of the Christian Kings”. This once was a Muslim palace that was converted to an Episcopal palace to showcase European Gothic style in 1327. At the bottom of the Alcázar are the Moorish baths, which is another fun place to look around. The outdoor area of this palace is a great place to stroll around with friends. Yet again, this is a sight in Córdoba that amazes travel lovers.

Córdoba Alcazar

Photo: Gonzalo Castán via Wikimedia Commons

Santa Cruz

While touring Seville, we came across this area loved by travel buffs. It once was the Jewish quarter during medieval times, and now is home to many old churches and the Cathedral. The narrow style of these streets is an attraction, because they were built specifically to prohibit the boiling sun from reaching this area. There are several plazas in Santa Cruz as well, which were great places to eat and drink with friends. I loved getting lost in these streets, and not just because they were colder than the open areas that the sun could reach!

Seville Santa Cruz

Photo: Ramallo via Pixabay

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