If you’re planning on travelling for an extended period of time, one of the most important things you need to consider is caring for your health. While this may not be the most exciting part of upping sticks and leaving your hometown, it’s going to ensure you have a much better time. All kinds of things could leave you ill and unable to go anywhere in another country, so you should prepare with these handy tips. Here’s how to care for your health as you travel:

Get The Rest Your Body Needs

When we travel, especially to places far away, we end up with jet lag. Regardless of where you travel to, you should try to get the rest your body needs. This can be especially important as you begin to acclimatize in the first few days. You can still get out and enjoy various activities, but try to relax a little too and make sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard to begin with.

Don’t Overdo It

Make sure you don’t overdo it at any point in your trip. Don’t try to cram something in if you don’t really have the time – especially just to be able to say you’ve seen it. You want to be able to fully enjoy everything you go to see, so make sure you have plenty of time. Take into account toilet breaks, food breaks, and times where you might need to rest your legs. Giving yourself more time to do something will ensure you can take everything in, and even explore places you may never have had time to look around if you were to rush.

Stretch Every Morning

Travelling can be hard going on the body, especially if you’re doing lots of walking, hiking, and biking. Aim to stretch every morning to make sure you’re keeping your body in good condition. There’s nothing worse than getting knots and aches and pains while you’re trying to enjoy yourself! Stretch it out before you get going, maybe even try some yoga. If you do end up with aches and pains, you can always try self massage, too. Self massage can be a great way to get rid of those knots, and is cheaper than paying for a spa treatment. Plus, you know just how much pressure you need and where you need it!

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is important wherever you are, but staying hydrated in hot countries is even more important. Heat stroke is no fun, and although not too serious, you’ll feel pretty rubbish if you get it. Make sure you take your water intake seriously and always have a fresh bottle of water on hand. Carry your own and avoid plastic bottles – it’s up to us to reduce plastic pollution.

Try To Walk Or Bike

Taking public transport might be necessary depending on what you want to see, but try to walk or even bike where possible. This will keep you active, and you’ll be able to enjoy so many sites and scenes in person, rather than through a window!

Head To The Hotel Gym

If you’re not doing much walking, head to the hotel gym if there is one. You can easily do a quick circuit workout to get you ready for the day, keeping your body strong and fit. You don’t need to do grueling 2 hour workouts to stay active! Plus, you’ll feel better for the rest of the day if you do it in the morning.

Get Treatment If You Need It

Make sure you know where to go and get treatment if you need it. Have an idea of where the pharmacies are nearby so you can grab seasonal allergies treatment or whatever it is you need. Trying to grin and bear your ailment will ensure you don’t enjoy yourself as much and you’ll likely struggle to stay in the moment.

Be Mindful Of What You Eat

Of course you can eat what you like in moderation, but do try to nourish your body with certain foods, too. Fruits and vegetables are so important for a healthy body, so make sure you try to get plenty of those with your meals. Watery fruits like melon can be great as they are hydrating, too. Be mindful of eating things that could give you an upset stomach, or you could be out of action for at least a few days.

Mind Your Alcohol Intake

When you’re enjoying a new country, it’s pretty standard to lose track of your alcohol intake and kid yourself that you’re not drinking as much as you are. A drink can be a good way to unwind, but drinking too much could leave you dehydrated and feeling awful. Not only that, if you’re travelling alone, drinking too much could actually be dangerous. Try to stay aware of how much you’re drinking, and always split your alcoholic beverages up by drinking water inbetween.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Use hand sanitizer whenever you’re about to eat, after you’ve used the toilet – and when your common sense tells you to, really. Washing your hands is ideal, but that may not always be possible. Carrying some sanitizer with you can make a world of difference and give your peace of mind.

Protect Your Skin Every Day

Protecting your skin no matter the weather is crucial to keeping it healthy – it’s not just something to do when the sun is out! Make sure you apply SPF liberally to all exposed areas of your body, and reapply it every few hours – this should be done at any time of year. You should also use accessories like sunglasses and hats to avoid sun damage. Not only can this help protect you from sunburn and skin cancer, it’ll help you to avoid premature ageing. SPF is the easiest way to prevent the sun from ageing the skin, and this can even happen if you’re staying inside all day. Get into the habit of piling on the SPF at every opportunity. Look for reef-friendly sunscreen for a more eco-friendly choice.

Go For A Technology Detox

We’re all glued to technology: it’s just a part of the way we live now. Using your travel time as a way to detox from tech could be a good way to get back in touch with nature and learn to live in the moment again. Using your phone for things like essential apps and staying in touch with loved ones is fine, but do you really need to post your travel photos the second you take them? Try to be more mindful of your technology usage, and stop relying on it so much.

Create A Bit of A Routine

See if you can create a bit of a routine for daily living that you genuinely enjoy. Creating good habits to set you up for any day will ensure you feel stress-free and ready for adventure. For example, you could get up, stretch, eat breakfast, and journal before starting your plans for the day.

Practice Self Care

Self care is a good way to check in with yourself, which is so important when you’re traveling. Take baths, use nice products, and make sure you have time to yourself. You’ll be surprised at how time to yourself can make your travels way more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Pack Light

The last thing you want to do is throw your back out carrying a ton of luggage that you don’t even really need. Pack light, and anything you need can be bought while you’re away. You’ll have less to worry about and less to feel responsible for, too.

Write About Your Experiences

Journaling actually has many mental health benefits. Plus, you won’t forget any of the amazing experiences you have had! Write about your experiences and you’ll be able to pay close attention to how you’re feeling, and these could be memories you can relive you to return home.

Stay In Touch With People Back Home

The people back home can be an invaluable support group and sounding board for you, as well as help to keep you safe. Letting them know where you’re going, who with, and when you plan to contact them again can mean somebody will alert the relevant parties if you don’t show up again.

Take Advice From Other Travelers

Listen to other travelers and see if they can offer you good advice. If they’ve been travelling for a while, they may be able to let you in to a great secret or two.

Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance won’t necessarily keep you safe, but it’ll cover you if something goes wrong. Make sure you have appropriate cover.

Always Do Your Own Research

Make sure you’re aware of any scams or unsafe areas in the place you’re travelling to, and stay up to date with important cultural events so you know what to expect!

Knowing how to care for your health as you travel is important, especially as the whole has turned upside down recently – have a safe trip!

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