Vietnam is renowned for its beaches globally. With its long stretches of more than 2,000 miles of spectacular coastline that provide sand and surf combos, it is quite easy to see why travel lovers fall in love with the country. These range from tranquil, white sand coves, to rugged and windswept shores. When you travel to Vietnam, you’ll find that they are not only plentiful but also universally high quality. Vietnamese take care and pride in their beaches by keeping them clean and pollution-free at all times. Perfect for Vietnam travel!

Here is a list of some of the finest stretches of paradise to travel to that are a cut above the rest:

Long Beach, Phu Quoc or Bãi Trường

Located just 45 km off the coast is a travel destination marked by its natural beauty and tranquility. It is located on Phu Quoc Island, the largest island in the country. This green and forested isle is a halo of sand. The long soft powdery sand stretch goes on for a massive 20 km along the southwestern coast of Phu Quoc Island.

A row of coconut palms stands along its entire length. It is excellent for swimmers, travel lovers and sunbathers looking to enjoy the cool breeze rolling in the ocean. You also get to enjoy the scenic and spectacular view of the ocean sun setting.

Long beach, Phu Quoc island.

Photo: damien_farrell via Flickr

Star Beach, Phu Quoc or Sao Beach

The Star Beach is one of the most beautiful in the country, offering travel lovers and the locals white powder sand, swaying palm trees, turquoise clear water, and a magnificent picturesque jungle backdrop.

Its calm, shallow waters and zero current make it safe for families with little children. It is a favorite hangout for water sports enthusiasts, day trippers, young families, and tour groups.

bai sao beach vietnam

Photo: Prince Roy via Flickr

City Beach, NhaTrang

This beauty is located close to the city brazen and brass center. Also known as the High-Rise or the High-Energy Beach, NhaTrang is in the vicinity of a wide range of accommodation options, museums, souvenir shops, and an array of seafood restaurants.

In recent years, it has seen a massive makeover with quiet parks, and sculpture gardens stretched along the promenade. Travel lovers can enjoy the vibrant nightlife scene as the NhaTrang is an ideal party town. You can also enjoy daytime activities such as snorkeling, surfing, spa treatments, bicycle tours, meditation, and yoga.

City Beach Nha Trang Vietnam

Photo via Pixabay

Doc Let Beach, Hon Khoi Peninsula

The pristine Doc Let is located on the splendid Hon Khoi Peninsula. It is known for the casuarinas, white sand and mesmerizing Van Phong Bay’s turquoise water that is perfect for a lazy day under the sun. Its peaceful and tranquil atmosphere makes it a perfect summer travel site, especially if you are looking to flee the heat, hustle, and bustle of urban life.

It stretches approximately 20 km long from the Dong Hai Village to the Cement Factory of Hon Khoi. Despite its resounding beauty, very few people travel here, making it relatively deserted, low-key, natural, and wild. There are plenty of affordable eateries, resorts, and accommodation in the Doc Let area.

Doc Let beach vietnam

Photo: Michelle via Flickr

Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai is a luscious 3 km stretch of white powdery sand that offers an unrivaled escape from the streets of Hoi An. It’s clear blue water with tropical waves makes it ideal for offshore surfing, swimming and floating around. The vast array of restaurants located on its coast is open until late, thereby offering you an excellent overnight stay to enjoy fresh seafood dishes by the sea.

Additionally, you can enjoy water sports, rest under a parasols or its beautiful lines of trees that provide shade to relish the view.

cua dai beach vietnam

Photo via Pixabay

My Khe Beach

My Khe is a scenic 20 mile white sandy stretch from Hai Van Pass to Non Nuoc. It is famous for its peaceful ambiance that is a mix of gentle slopes, blue sky, smooth white sand and warm water all year round.

Listed as one of the most attractive on earth by Forbes, My Khe is an ideal and safe place for families at any time of the year. It is close to some of the world-class sea front resorts, hotels, and restaurants.

My Khe beach vietnam

Photo via Pixabay

Con Dao

The Con Dao Island is a tropical paradise with immense natural beauty that is a combination of forested hills, extensive coral reefs, and deserted sandy stretches. It is a wild and rugged island with hidden lagoons. Although its beaches are not as long as its counterpart Phu Quoc Island, it has a few spectacular spots with strips of sand and turquoise water.

These are out of town, hence offers an isolated location of the coast for travel lovers and they are overlooked by green mountains and fringed by palm trees. The water is warm, calm, relaxed, and ideal for swimming. Besides, they offer an excellent wildlife-watching opportunity to see the endemic bow figured gecko and the giant black squirrel.

Con Dao, Vietnam

Photo: VanLap Hoàng via Flickr

Ninh Chu Beach

Ninh Chu is located 6km north of Phan Rang. This crescent shaped stretch is positioned within the Ninh Thuan Province. It offers travel lovers and the locals alike a tranquil getaway where they can enjoy volleyball, sunbathing and swimming. Here, you get to enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries of Da Chong Mountains and the Nai Pond.

Ninh Chu Beach vietnam

Photo: VanLap Hoàng via Flickr

Non Nuoc Beach

Non Nuoc is one of the best in the country and also Da Nang’s main attractions with its five-kilometer stretch of soft white sands, unpolluted water, gentle slopes and mild waves all year long. It is listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It covers a myriad of sightseeing and leisure activities for visitors to indulge in.

In addition, travel and food lovers can enjoy local seafood dishes at the seafront restaurants. It also provides beautiful views of the iconic Marble Mountains and the Son Tra Peninsula. Travel lovers can also enjoy jungle trekking along the Co Co River.

Non Nuoc Beach vietnam

Photo: Vyacheslav Argenberg via Flickr


Whether you are looking for shallow waters, pounding surfs, solitude, holding a party or just sand, you can find the perfect stretch for your Vietnam travel. This country has a variety of beaches to indulge any whim from the pearly white sands to crescents covered shells. Enjoy some of the most beautiful sceneries at this haven of natural sanctuary. Vietnam is undisputedly the ultimate beach and travel lover’s dream.

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