A great way to explore a new city is on foot – to soak in the sounds, aromas and all the little details that make a place unique. Whether you’re on a DIY route or choose one of the local walking tours when you travel, it allows you to see things that you’d miss in a car or a bus. Here is a list of some of the most walkable cities in the world, and why you should travel to each right now.

Vancouver, Canada

Recently, Vancouver has put wayfinding maps out all around to help orient you when you travel here. Walk along False Creek and stop at a local market for fresh food, or visit the Lost Lagoon, an urban park for walkers. The mountain scenery behind the waterways of Burrard Inlet makes for a gorgeous setting.

Vancouver Canada

Photo: werner22brigitte via Pixabay

To uncover Vancouver’s deepest, darkest secrets, hit the streets with Forbidden Vancouver’s Prohibition City tour. Dive into the world of mobsters, opium and booze with this Vancouver Walking Tour! The scandal-fuelled tour takes you back to the early 20th century where mobsters set up illegal bars and clubs for citizens trying to escape the alcohol ban. While many are familiar with the US Prohibition during the infamous 1920s, Vancouver’s ban actually began in 1917. Seasoned rum-runners or bootleggers from the north played a significant role as daring smugglers in the illegal US alcohol market. This thrilling walking tour reveals all the city’s secrets (tales of wild parties, blind pigs and enterprising bootleggers included!) and gives you a unique look into its mysterious and exciting past.

Vancouver Walking Tour

Photo: Forbidden Vancouver

Paris, France

Paris is a dream travel destination for walking tours. Aside from its attractions, it is also one of the most walkable cities to travel to in Europe. Want to get to the Eiffel Tower? Walk past the Pont de L’Alma on the way. Going to the Arc de Triomphe? Walk down the Champs-Elysees and stop in all the stores. The trendy areas of Paris, the riverside, or the Latin Quarter is best explored on foot.

Paris France

Photo: Walkerssk via Pixabay

If you’ve dreamed about seeing a side of Paris tourists rarely visit, Hidden Paris Walking Tours can make it a reality. This tour company, guided by passionate born and raised Parisians, will take you to the romantic places and neighborhoods Parisians like to keep secret. To please your inner foodie and try the delicacies Paris is known for, their Gourmet Tour through St. Germain Des Près is the ultimate treat. As you stroll through epicurean neighborhoods, the knowledgeable guides will share their expertise on quintessential French foods, their history, and interesting cultural facts and stories. Find the best macarons, learn about why wine bottles have different shapes, and experience first-hand the lifestyle of a true Parisian bon vivant. To experience the hidden beauty of Paris and its individual cuisine, this Gourmet Tour is second to none.

Hidden Paris Walking Tours

Photo: Hidden Paris Walking Tours

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and home to several historical sites. The Freedom Trail is specifically designed to cover 16 locations. The attractions range from Massachusetts State House to Paul Revere’s home. You can also stroll along the Boston Harbor, take in local parks, and enjoy great food options along the way.

Boston Massachusetts

Photo: Robbie Shade via Wikimedia Commons

For a lovely historical stroll guided by enthusiastic local volunteers, explore the city through Boston By Foot. This educational nonprofit, passionate about Boston’s history and architecture, runs the delightful Beacon Hill tour daily. From the golden dome of the State House to the sophisticated Louisburg Square homes, the tour captures the charm and vibe unique to Boston. As you walk the picturesque, winding streets, you will see examples of early American architecture with a spotlight on the work of Charles Bulfinch. Soak in the vivid, colorful stories of Boston‘s prominent citizens who have called Beacon Hill their home.

You can’t miss this Boston classic tour, popular since 1976! Boston By Foot also has a large calendar of tour options in addition to Beacon Hill, so you can explore the multifaceted city any time of the year!

Boston Acorn Street

Photo: Boston By Foot

New York City, USA

NYC is one of the largest cities in the world in size and population. With over eight million people living here, it can get pretty crowded. When you travel here, there are hundreds of walking tours offered, varying from a Wall Street to a Broadway tour, and several types of food specials too.

Times Square New York

Photo: ahundt via Pixabay

You can take in all the big sights of the Big Apple like Central Park, Times Square, the Empire State Building, Theater District, Greenwich Village, etc. Remember to pace it out over days for it can be quite exhausting!

New York

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Florence, Italy

Another location to travel to where your two feet will take you much further is Florence. The streets are beautiful and traditional, and there are some areas of Florence that do not even allow driving! Walking tours are provided for every area: you can see the Centro Storico, the historic area around the Duomo, or amble to the Uffizi Gallery. Florence on foot gets you to more places than driving does when you travel here!

Florence Italy

Photo: tpsdave via Pixabay

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is filled with parks, new, and old architecture that can only truly be appreciated on foot. The Royal Botanic Gardens has over 8,500 species of plants from all over the world, and is right next to the Yarra River. You can also stroll through the Melbourne city center, or the CBD, which has cool stores, delicious restaurants, and a fun bar scene. There are several parks that you can visit as well, including Royal Park and Heide Park. Melbourne is a delightlful travel destination with endless ways to explore.

Melbourne Australia

Photo: Nicholaspetridis via Wikimedia Commons

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a travel destination made for exploring on foot! Amble over to Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano in the middle of the city, or Dr. Neil’s Garden, a serene place near the volcano. You can leisurely take in the mix of old and new architecture, while stopping at all the pubs and and cafés along the way. The Old Town is compact and you can start on The Royal Mile and take in all the hot spots including Edinburgh Castle, Grassmarket, the original “Hogwarts” and more! A romantic travel destination, really.

Edinburgh Scotland

Photo: kolibri5 via Pixabay

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is a smaller, more compact destination, which makes exploring on foot that much more appealing! It is located at the bottom of the Atlas Mountains and the Marrakech is a mix of new and old. Visit Medina for the historical sights including Koutoubia Mosque, the ruins of the Badiâ Palace, and monumental gates. Along the streets, there are many locals selling food that you can try, like the Rue Semmarine. Being a smaller city makes Marrakech a great place to travel to and explore on foot.

Marrakech Morocco

Photo: audrey_an via Pixabay

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Called the “Paris of South America”, Buenos Aires is a great place to travel to for the sights and the culture. You can stroll to any museum, neighborhood, or park from anywhere. Amble through the Recoleta area, see things like the Big Ben of South America and the Teatro Colón. In the city center, saunter along the Avenida de Mayo to see its many historical buildings and that it connects two major plazas, the Congressional Plaza and the Plaza de Mayo. Buenos Aires is a fantastic travel destination for culture, food and its gorgeous sights!

Buenos Aires Argentina

Photo: felipeyerabarchi via Pixabay

Jerusalem, Israel

This travel destination can only be fully appreciated by foot. In the Old City of Jerusalem, see the Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock. Also, you can only see Hezekiah’s Tunnel by foot. Experience the unique culture and sights when you travel to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Old City Israel

Photo: 696188 via Pixabay

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a hugely popular travel destintation, particularly as it shines on Game of Thrones. It is located between the Adriatic and Dinaric Alps. The Old Town is surrounded by medieval ramparts, and inside you will find the Franciscan Monastery and the Sponza Palace.

Dubrovnik Croatia

Photo: fjaka via Pixabay

Spend quality time rambling through the narrow streets to admire the old architecture. You can stroll along the water to the Banje Beach, and take in the view. You’ll fall in love when you travel here!

Dubrovnik Croatia

Photo: mariamichelle via Pixabay

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