The Mediterranean makes for dream Europe travel and it is no surprise that this is one of the most visited spots on the globe. There is so much more to see in Europe than just the major cities amd attractions. This is Mediterranean travel at its most chilled out! Here are lesser known Mediterranean travel getaways that you should visit in Europe for romance and old world charm – think stunning beauty and lesser crowds.

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, in the Gulf of Kotor, has a beautiful historic ambience. The architecture of the Old City, built in the 12th and 14th centuries, is well preserved and the city is listed as a UNESCO World Natural and Historical Heritage Site. From St. Tryphon’s Cathedral to the Town Walls which keep the city fortified, it’s a romantic Mediterranean travel destination, complete with charming narrow streets and squares.

Kotor, Montenegro

Photo: falco via Pixabay

As this is a lesser known Europe travel destination, it’s a gorgeous Mediterranean getaway from the crowds. You can explore the Old Town, or relax at one of the excellent restaurants found throughout the city. Kotor is a lovely hidden gem in Europe waiting to be explored.

Kotor Montenegro

Photo: Ggia via Wikimedia Commons

Gozo, Malta

Malta’s sister island, Gozo, is another beautiful travel destination in Europe. There are about 37,000 people living on this island, making it a lesser populated destination. Steeped in mythology as Calypso’s isle of Homer’s Odyssey, it is a peaceful, quieter place to spend a vacation. This Mediterranean destination has beautiful beaches and small farms throughout. The capital, Victoria, is surrounded by a citadel. There is a cathedral within the walls, along with old streets and homes. In Gozo you can also see the Dwerja Bay and one of the most noteworthy beaches, Ir-Ramla il-Hamra. Gozo may be quieter, but still a spectacular Europe travel destination.

Photo: Malta Tourism

Valencia, Spain

Sure, Barcelona and Madrid are fantastic places to see, and Valencia is another brilliant stop. As the third largest city in Spain, there is plenty to see. Valencia is right near a river, and they have turned it into a gorgeous park. Along this river, there is also the Ciudad de Las Artes y Las Ciencias, taking up  350,000 square meters. Inside there are several museums, a planetarium, an opera house, and so much more. There are other attractions in the city, like the Valencia Cathedral and the Central Market you can’t miss. Valencia is a great city to travel to, and one that many people forget.

Valencia SPain

Photo: Themil via Pixabay

Albanian Riviera

A stunner that flies under the radar is the Albanian Riviera, known for its fantastic beaches. Some of the best include Palasa, Ksamil, and Himara, but there are plenty more to spend your time at! There are quieter seaside spots for those who want to simply relax, and more social ones for those who want to meet people. Back in the ancient Greek times, the Albanian Riviera was named Ilyria, and was a colony. Some of the major ancient cities are still around to walk through. There are national parks to go to as well, like Karavasta Lagoon, with cool plants, animals, and sights. While the Albanian Riviera is not the most well known travel spot, it is one worth visiting in Europe.

Albanian Riviera

Photo: Serial Hikers via Flickr

Bled, Slovenia

Bled, Slovenia is a town that many have never heard of, yet is a fantastic place to explore. It is in the northwestern part of the country in the Upper Carniolan region. It is on Lake Bled, a lake that runs along the Julian Alps. You can rent small boats and row along the Bled River, or take a private tour of the lake. Also, there are plenty of places to explore on foot. Whether you want to walk around the island or hike on one its best trails – Pokljuka is just one example – Bled offers these activities. You can even take a day tour out to Bled Island, which features a beautiful castle at the center. If you’re looking for a lesser known place to travel to in Europe, Bled is for you.

Bled Slovenia

Photo: tpsdave via Pixabay

Bozcaada, Turkey

When planning a luxury travel adventure, a location that will rarely come up is Bozcaada in Turkey. But Bozcaada has plenty to offer! Located in the Aegean Sea, it is the third largest island in Turkey. It is only 6 kilometers from the mainland, making it an easy destination to travel to. An important thing to note is that the island inhabitants try to maintain a nature-friendly environment, which shapes the tourism in Bozcaada.

Bozcaada Turkey

Photo: canonim via Flickr

Some things that you cannot miss are visiting the Bozcaada Castle on the northeastern end of the island and walking around the streets to see the historical influences. In ancient times, Bozcaada was referred to as Tenedos, and belonged to many different empire reigns. This history is reflected in what the island has to offer, making it a great place to see in Europe.


Photo: derya cevik via Flickr

Elba, Italy

Most travel lovers will end up in the typical touristy places in Italy but try to take in Elba in Tuscany when you travel here. Historically, this was the island that Napoleon was actually exiled to. Because of this, Elba has some of the places where he spent his time, including the Palazzina dei Mulini. There are other landmarks that showcase its history, like the Castello del Volterraio.

Elba Italy

Photo: Alehins via Flickr

If you want to spend your time relaxing on a beach, this is also the place for you. Some of the most noteworthy stretches include Cottencello, Cavoli, and Lacona. Elba is a place that has something for every type of traveler, without the crazy tourists found in other European areas.

Elba Italy

Photo: Palatinator via Pixabay

Susak, Croatia

The island of Susak is found in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, and the name comes from the Greek word for oregano. Although it has been around for a long time, many of the people originally from the island have moved to the United States. Before the 20th century, little was known about Susak because its inhabitants did not have much of an education. It has been ruled by so many different people that learning its history can be quite dazzling!


Photo: Tobias Brabanski via Wikimedia Commons

Even though its origins may be a bit confusing, Susak is still an excellent place to travel to. You can hike around the island to places like Cape Darto and the lighthouse. The water is beautiful, perfect for swimming, diving and snorkeling. Susak has gorgeous beaches to relax on as well, like Bačvice and others. This island in Croatia is another fantastic lesser known Mediterranean getaway.

Susak Croatia

Photo: MarkDhawn via Wikimedia Commons

Coimbra, Portugal

This former capital of Portugal is the perfect place for a European getaway. Coimbra is the third largest city in Portugal, and located on the riverfront. It is home to the most notable university in the nation, and this heavily influences the aesthetic of the city.

Coimbra Portugal

Photo via Pixabay

There is the Museo Nacional de Machado de Castro, which is built over the Roman forum. You can see these remains while strolling through the museum. The University of Coimbra is another great place to see when visiting Coimbra, as it is one of the oldest in Europe. There are religious sights as well, including gorgeous churches and cathedrals. But, there is more to Coimbra than the history. Along the riverfront you can find beautiful bars and restaurants with delicious food to try. Coimbra is a travel destination that you cannot miss!

Coimbra Portugal

Photo: falco via Pixabay

Formentera, Spain

Looking for a quieter, peaceful place to relax? Then Formentera is the place for you. This island is located about 6 kilometers south of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea. Formentera is for a serene beach experience, rather than a crowded and rowdy area in Europe. Here you can snorkel, dive, and bike. The island has excellent seafood, but the main attraction here is the beach. There are plenty of gorgeous places to sit and sunbathe on the island, with some of the most notable being Llevant, Migjorn, and Playa Illetes. If you travel to relax and unwind, Formentera in the perfect Mediterranean travel destination.


Photo: Travelbusy via Flickr

Beaujolais, Burgundy

The final Mediterranean travel spot, Beaujolais, is located in France, north of Lyon. Its most notable product is its wine. If you travel to Beaujolais, one of the top things to do is take a wine tour. If you want a beautiful look at the entire area, check out La Terrasse du Beaujolais. There is a fun festival here as well, called Les Sarmentelles. It celebrates the wine of the area, with a mix of tasting and selling. If you are a wine lover, this is the travel destination for you!

Beaujolais Burgundy

Photo: lechateaudevarennes via Wikimedia Commons

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