The United States is full of stunning and spectacular hiking trails, perfect for any summer traveler. From the Pacific Crest Trail in California to the Adirondack Mountains on the East Coast, there’s truly no lack of gorgeous nature scenes to experience on your hiking adventure. But, how can you fully experience nature at her finest without your best friend by your side? Let’s face it: hiking loses its excitement if the trails aren’t paved by paw-prints. 

Unfortunately, many hiking trails do not permit dogs. No need to fret, however, because a number of the most beautiful trails (emphasis on “beautiful”) are dog-friendly. So grab your shoes, water, and your leash, and head out on the biggest hiking adventure of your summer. Who says your hiking partner has to be human? Yours will have fur, a wet nose, and puppy love to make your travel to these American hiking trails complete.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Stretching along the Atlantic Coast, Acadia National Park is said to be one of the most beautiful hiking trails that is completely dog-friendly! From its rocky beaches to mountain peaks to a wide array of wildlife, there’s so much to experience along the 120 miles of trails from which to choose.

For travel newbies, the Acadia’s Ship Harbor Nature Trail is the way to go. As one of the easier trails, you’ll be brought through the forest and onto the rocky shore, making for a stunning change in scenery. Your travels with your furry sidekick will be an unforgettable experience to one of the most gorgeous hiking spots in the world.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Photo: Plh1234us via Wikimedia Commons

Kealia Trail, Honolulu

If you’re looking to travel to one of the most beautiful states, Kealia Trail in Honolulu, Hawaii is the place to go. While the beach is obviously a go-to, the Kealia Trail will show you even more scenic and mountainous views. Stretching 7.2 miles long, this trail brings you along a path of beauty and relaxation with cooling winds from the shore below and rare vegetation found only in the Aloha State. Kealia Trail is perfect for both those new and old to hiking and yes, the hiking trail allows dogs! This way, you won’t have to look into those sad puppy eyes and tell your best friend, no. They will happily be able to tag along on your travel adventure.

Kealia Trail, Honolulu, Hawaii

Photo: Rick Obst via Flickr

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada

With over 20 trails to choose from, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is the perfect place to connect with nature with your four-legged best friend. Ranging from easy to moderate to even strenuous at times, there’s a trail for hikers of all experience levels.

If you’re looking for a change in scenery, head out west to Nevada to take in the incredibly geological formations that have made this trail one of the best. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area with your four-legged travel buddy will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Travel to Nevada for your next hiking adventure!

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada

Photo: Bureau of Land Management via Flickr

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia 

The oldest park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Fairmount Park offers some of the most beautiful trails along the Schuylkill River. With trails that stretch over 9,200 acres, you can walk along the water-line or through the woods, wherever your dog’s heart desires. If you’re looking to take in even more culture during your travels to Philadelphia, Fairmount Park is also home to the historic Shofuso Japanese House and Garden. From a traditional tea ceremony to group classes and workshops, the Shofuso (meaning “Pine Breeze Villa”) Japanese House and Garden is the perfect way to end a perfect hike with your pawfect pup.

Fairmount Park Japanese House, Philadelphia

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden. Photo: Frederikto via Wikimedia Commons

Dog Mountain, Washington

Dog Mountain is obviously a must-see for dog-friendly hikers. Spring is the best time of year to travel to this gorgeous trail as flowers are in full bloom. Full of panoramic views and gorgeous heights, Dog Mountain is perfect for more experienced hikers, especially if you’re planning on climbing to the very top for a view (such as “Puppy Lookout”). Even the name of the place itself is a total giveaway that this travel location loves for you to bring your companion along for a stunning hiking adventure!

Dog Mountain, Washington

Photo: Jeff Hollett via Flickr

Happy hiking with your four-legged soulmate!

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