Get to the top of the Schafberg mountain on your Austria travel to find one of the most stunning panoramic views in the Salzkammergut region. On clear, sunny days, where you can see for miles in the distance, the summit gives you unparalleled views of shimmering lakes and the foothills of the Alps. And, what you’ll see at the peak will surprise you.

What you’ll find is the Schafbergspitze Hotel, a mountain hut that stands at an altitude of 1783 meters high above the ground. The hotel also offers the Berghotel Restaurant, a popular meeting-point for hikers, walkers, and travel groups to enjoy a meal with a view. You can eat indoors or on the sun terrace. This is Europe travel at its prettiest.

Schafberg, Austria

View to Mondsee from Schafberggipfel. Photo: Andreas Röbl © Austrian National Tourist Office

Travel Route to the Top

The best way to travel to the top of Schafberg Mountain is by hiking. There are three hiking routes from which you can choose. You can start your ascent from either St. Wolfgang, Lake Mönichsee, or St. Gilgen.

St. Wolfgang will take you from the valley station, walking along Sternallee past Försterhof, continuing until you reach the Jausenstation Aschinger. This travel route will take about 3 hours to reach the top. Lake Mönichsee will require about 4 hours, and St. Gilgen will also guide you to the Schafberg summit in 3 hours. Each hiking route is marked, so you won’t get lost along the way.

Schafberg Mountain, Austria

Schafberg Mountain. Photo: Christoph Sammer via Flickr

The best hiking season for the Schafberg Mountain is between the May and October months, with a range of hotter to cooler temperatures to suit your seasonal travel preferences. Whatever time of year you embark on this travel adventure, you’ll be greeted by some of the best mountain views you’ll ever see. This stunning region also offers cross-country skiing, mountain biking, climbing, and more.

Schafberg Mountain, Austria

Photo: Christoph Sammer via Flickr

The Cog Railway

Just as you thought your Austria travel experience couldn’t get anymore epic, that’s exactly what happens! Instead of hiking, you can choose to ride the much-loved Schafberg Cog Railway. As you travel in style on Austria’s steepest steam-powered cog rail system since 1893, the mountain views just get better. You’ll get to the summit in only 35 minutes, these historic engines representing the oldest engines still in operation to this day. Still, modern or old, it’ll be an incredible travel experience.

Schafberg Mountain, Austria

Schafberg Cogwheel Railway. Photo: Bettina Böhme via Pixabay

This is Austria travel at its most unforgettable. I mean, you might be able to see all the way to Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria!

Schafberg Mountain, Austria

Schafberg Mountain Views. Photo: Alf Altendorf via Flickr

Happy hiking to the hut!

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