Ukraine’s “Tunnel of Love” is a sought travel destination for lovers, a place that’s just as popular as the Lock Bridge in the oldest square of Odessa. And it’s not hard to see why the Tunel Kokhannya is popular with travel lovers, couples and die-hard romantics – imagine walking through this stunning emerald passageway with the love of your life. Legend has it that this natural tree tunnel will make your wish will come true – if your love is sincere, of course!

The Tunel Kokhannya is a Ukraine travel destination for couples who believe in their love and in their own magic. While it’s known to grant wishes and “set the tone” for romance, this tunnel has an intriguing story behind it.

Klevan, Ukraine

Tunnel of Love in Summer. Photo: greentourua via Wikimedia Commons

Four Miles From Klevan to Orzhiv 

Outside of the small city of Klevan, Ukraine, lays a seemingly abandoned railway, one that encompasses this romantic tunnel. Almost completely unknown until a couple years ago, it’s a topiary wonderland of history, magical wishes, and exquisite, rare beauty. The railway is roughly four miles of track extending from Klevan to Orzhiv, both small cities of Ukraine. Your Ukraine travel experience will outshine any other!

Klevan, Ukraine

Posing in Love Tunnels. Photo: Marcin Grabski via Flickr

Beauty in History 

The reason for its green splendor is not only for beauty’s sake. The many trees that line the railway were planted strategically, as they were grown for discretion when transporting military goods to a secret base in the middle of the forest during the Cold War.

Splitting off of an already existing railway that transported mostly plywood, Ukraine created a second track that created a fork with the original, a travel route which directly led to the secret military base. The “Tunnel of Love” still serves as a cultural and historical Ukraine symbol to the people of the country and of the wider world.

Klevan, Ukraine

Raining in the Tunnel of Love. Photo: amanderson2 via Flickr

Promises of Love 

Today, the Tunel Kokhannya is a place where newly-weds have photoshoots in the stunning natural environment. Tunel Kokhannya is a beautiful reminder of how lovely nature can be when left to its own devices. Since the only thing encountering the rails for half a century was the daily route of trains, the trees have completely shaped themselves into a romantic tunnel that one must see to believe.

This is the type of place that extends past camera filters. The Tunel Kokhannya truly stands alone in its unrivaled beauty and is the perfect Ukraine travel spot to enjoy – whether you’re single or in love.

Klevan, Ukraine

Tunnel Vision. Photo: Marinica28 via Wikimedia Commons

Why Everyone Should Travel Here

The “Love Tunnel” is a gentle, expansive reminder that when the Earth is treated with respect it will gift us beauty. You can take once-in-a-lifetime photos with your loved ones or of yourself with a beautiful backdrop of greenery. Take the time to explore this travel wonder in the stunning landscapes of Ukraine.

Good news! Your Ukraine travel journey doesn’t have to end with the “Love Tunnel.” You can also visit the Tarakaniv Fort or Lubart’s Castle, both marvels themselves. The town of Klevan offers guided tours ranging from $180 and higher. No matter what route you take to get here, the ends are definitely worth the means. Travel to Ukraine to experience nature at its most pure!

Klevan, Ukraine

Light Contrasts in Tunnel of Love. Photo: amanderson2 via Flickr

Happy travels walking through Ukraine’s Tunel Kokhannya!

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