Looking for travel destinations that will give you a stunning view of the magically lit up dark skies? These Northern Lights experiences will not only illuminate your luxury travel, but offer unique ways of experiencing this natural wonder. So where will you travel to for your unforgettable adventure?

Spend a Night Under the Aurora in Glass Igloos, Finland

In Finland, you’ll have the chance to sleep under the Northern Lights – literally! Nature’s gorgeous light show, the Aurora Borealis, can be seen throughout around 200 nights each year in Finnish Lapland. From glass igloos (a travel favorite) to luxury suites, it will be a Europe travel adventure to remember. The best time for the viewing is between late August to April. Of course, your chances of seeing these stunning colors increase when you travel further north. Hope for clear skies when you travel here!

Saariselkä, Finland

Glass Igloos in Finland. Photo: Tarja Mitrovic via Flickr

The best way to see the display is to spend a night under colored skies in glass igloos. What cooler way to travel than this?! For a luxury travel experience, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is one of the world’s most renowned places to see the Northern Lights. This enchanting destination offers comfort in your own private hideaway to watch the beauty of the night sky unfold before you.

Kakslauttanen glass igloo inside Northern Lights Finland

Go on a Northern Lights Safari in Norway

Northern Norway is among the most fascinating places to see the incredible display. As part of your Arctic travel experience, the Aurora Borealis is a definite must. Between late September and late March, it’s dark from early afternoon until late morning – the ideal time to spot the lights. Travel north to see nature at its most colorful!

Lyngen, Norway

Norway Skies light up. Photo: Carsten Frenzl via Flickr

A luxurious option is to enjoy a five-night-long safari. It’s an adventurous trip with three nights spent in the beautifully-located Arctic town of Tromso, as it’s been known to be the “Northern Lights capital” of the world. This charming town is in the middle of the Northern Lights zone, ideal for watching the lights show. The safari includes three excursions, including a Northern Lights evening trip and an Aurora Safari, both of which guide you to amazing places for chasing the display.

Tromso, Norway

Photo: Lars Tiede via Flickr

Stay at Chena Hot Springs Resort in Alaska

In Alaska, seeing the Northern Lights is definitely worth waking up in the middle of the night for, as its peak season is in the heart of winter. At this time, the weather is the coldest and skies darkest. However, there are also times to see the lights at the very end of summer during early September. Alaska will show you the beauty of the world at the darkest, coldest times of the year.

Fairbanks, Alaska, United States

Chena Hot Springs Resort in Winter. Photo: Young Juan via Flickr

For a luxury stay in Alaska, I recommend you travel to Chena Hot Springs Resort, approximately 60 miles northeast of Fairbanks. This unique resort can be accessed year round on Chena Hot Springs Road. Fairbanks geographically belongs to the “aurora oval,” a place where auroras are seen most frequently. Along with seeing the lights, you can take a snow machine tour, rent skis, snowshoes, and ice skates, board an aurora snow coach tour or a sunset snow coach tour.

Fairbanks, Alaska, United States

Aurora Views at Chena Hot Springs Resort. Photo: Kabacchi via Flickr

Take a Dip in an Outdoor Hot Tub at Hotel Ranga, Iceland

Iceland is an ideal place to see the Northern Lights, a scarcely-populated Arctic island that has many wild, unpolluted places for dark skies viewing. From late August to the end of April, these months are the best time to witness some aurora activity. You might even come across a chance to spot the lights with a sunrise or sunset. It’ll be one of the most extraordinary views!

Suðurlandsvegur, Iceland

Photo: Greenland Travel via Flickr

If you’re looking for a luxury travel experience, one of the most exciting ways to view the Northern Lights is to take a dip in an outdoor hot tub at Hotel Ranga. This hotel is superbly locating for viewings, and is only a two-hour trip from the Keflavik International Airport. Check out their Age of Aurora package, a four-night stay that includes access to hot tubs, their stargazing observatory, breakfast buffets, and more!

Suðurlandsvegur, Iceland

Aurora at Hotel Ranga. Photo: Greenland Travel via Flickr

Camp at the Abisko Sky Station in Sweden

Without a shadow of a doubt, Sweden is one of the best countries in the world for aurora spotting. Unlike its Nordic neighbors, Sweden might be cheaper than its counterparts, a way to see the Northern Lights without having to spend a fortune. Its aurora season in the north runs roughly from the end of September until the start of April, plenty of time to book a stay.

Abisko, Sweden

Abisko Sky Station. Photo: Richard Leighton via Flickr

One of the best adventure options is to travel is to camp at the Abisko (or Aurora) Sky Station for stunning Northern Lights displays, a place where the skies are the darkest. Aurora Sky Station is situated on Mount Nuolja, 900 meters above sea level, tucked away within a landscape that has very few distracting sources of light or sound. It’s been listed on Lonely Planet as the best place around the world for Northern Lights!

Abisko, Sweden

Abisko Sky Station. Photo: Azchael via Flickr

Stop by Cairngorms National Park in Scotland

The Northern Lights in Scotland is nature’s very own theatrical performance. As an interesting fact, northern Scotland actually falls on the same latitude at Stavanger in Norway and Nunivak Island in Alaska. So, you’ll have a wonderful chance of spotting the ‘Mirrie Dancers’ (the Shetland phrase for the display) in on your travels to Scotland without breaking the bank. Scotland’s autumn and winter seasons, with long periods of darkness and clear nights, are probably the best time of the year to experience the aurora displays.

Sumburgh, Scotland

Starry Skies in Scotland. Photo: Ronnie Robertson via Flickr

To get a perfect spot for a viewing, stop by Cairngorms National Park. This national park is in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. From castles to distilleries and outdoor activities to family events, the United Kingdom’s largest national park offers something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want to stay in a boutique hotel or camp under the stars, the travel options are endless.

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Cairngorms National Park. Photo: Aryeh Alex via Flickr

Book a Vacation at Hotel Kangerlussuaq in Greenland

Our last travel stop brings us to the beautiful Greenland, another incredible destination to see the Northern Lights. You can experience nature’s multicolored light show from the end of September to the middle of April, perfect for anyone who wants to capture the aurora through stunning photography. Greenland is truly an Arctic surprise.

Greenland, North America

The display in Greenland. Photo: Greenland Travel via Flickr

Kangerlussuaq can boast of having more than 300 clear nights a year and Hotel Kangerlussuaq is the place to go for Northern Lights viewings of a lifetime. The season for watching the lights show is the same as the rest of the country. Driving out on the only gravel road in Greenland leading directly to the Ice Cap, the chances for seeing the aurora is at their very best. There’s hardly any man-made light pollution in the region, as the journey is just a short stretch on the road. Hotel Kangerlussuaq is a luxurious, yet comforting stay in the landscapes of Greenland.

Greenland, North America

Aurora in Greenland Skies. Photo: Greenland Travel via Flickr

Happy travels at the most stunning Northern Lights locations!

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