Winter is here and there’s nothing better than escaping the inevitable snow and chill by taking a beach vacation. Soak up some sun while hiking, tanning, and exploring what your travel destination has to offer. Here are 10 perfect locations for some welcome winter sun!

Lanai, Hawaii

With its long history as a huge pineapple plantation, Lanai was gifted with the name, Pineapple Island. Lanai is the sixth largest island of Hawaii, offering beautiful beaches as well as cultural and historic sights. One of those stunners is Shipwreck Beach where the ruined World War II Liberty Ship still sits. Many who travel here comb through the sand to find small shells and other treasures that have washed up on the shore. Other people who visit the historic area choose to tan and or enjoy a lovely picnic.

Lanai, Hawaii

Photo: Curt Smith via Flickr

Ilhabela, Brazil

Brazil’s sailing capital, Ilhabela, literally meaning “beautiful island,” is the perfect place to stay warm on your beach vacation. With pristine sandy stretches to read a book on and lush forests to hike through, Ilhabela offers a variety of daytime activities for you to soak up the winter sun. The island also includes a National Park on west side, close to the Sao Sebastiao highway that connects Ilhabela to Brazil. The park covers 80% of Ilhabela and is a protected UNESCO site. Whether you’re basking in the sun or photographing its cascading waterfalls, Ilhabela will surprise you at every turn. Travel here for the experience!

Ilhabela, Brazil

Photo: Marcescos via Wikimedia Commons

Christmas Island, Australia

A common phenomenon this Australian beauty is known for is the red crab migration. During the beginning of autumn to mid-winter, red crabs come out from the forest to breed by the shore. The waters are also full of marine life because of the abundance of reefs. On land, the Christmas Island National Park holds a variety of nature walks and hikes that highlight the beauty Australia has to share! It’s a travel wonder wherever you go.

Christmas Island, Australia

Christmas Island’s Santa’s Entourage. Photo: Sarah_Ackerman via Flickr

You might be wondering why it’s called Christmas Island. As a fun fact to share when you travel, Captain William Mynors of the Royal Mary, an English East India Company vessel, named it when he sailed past it on Christmas Day in 1643. Enjoy this extravagant beach vacation in Australia!

Christmas Island, Australia

Photo: David Stanley via Flickr

Corfu, Greece

Shown in the picture below is Drastis Cape, located on the north tip, sitting pretty between Logas and Canal D’Amour beaches. Here, you not only have enough sandy turf to lay out and tan all day, but you also have enough grassy cliffs to hike during your travel adventure. This cape is perfect for adventurers of all ages, a very family-oriented place to travel to for a lovely beach vacation. During the spring and summer seasons, the cliffs bloom with vibrant, yellow wildflowers that add a speck of color to the shore. Corfu in Greece will give you life-long memories to add to your travel books.

corfu island, greece

Photo: KatarzynaTyl via pixabay

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

On the west side of Ocho Rios is the Turtle River Falls and Garden covered in waterfalls, tropical flowers, and foliage. Within the 15 acres of land are 14 unique waterfalls, all naturally made with crystal blue waters flowing through the formations. When you travel here, you’ll be able to walk through the Formal Garden, which holds the largest variety of plant life within the region. Surrounding the garden is the rainforest that remains a part of the atmosphere and untouched by the people in the area.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Brain Falls. Photo: Kajtek via Flickr

Georgetown, Grand Cayman

As the capital of Grand Cayman and the second largest city of the British Islands, Georgetown is a lively place to kick back and travel to for a soothing beach vacation. The city offers many attractions such as the Observatory and the Seven-Mile Beach, both spectacular locations to see the best of Grand Cayman. The Observatory stands 75 feet in the air and offers you a 360-degree view. Closer to the ground, the Seven-Mile Beach will give you clear, blue water and a white, sandy shore. Georgetown is a beach vacation paradise!

Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman From Above. Photo: Roger W via Flickr

Chon Buri, Thailand

In the eastern province of Thailand, Chon Buri is known for Pattaya Beach. But also located in the province is the Nong Nooch Botanical Garden. On a sunny day, this garden will glow in natural beauty. Across 500 acres of land are themed gardens filled with a variety of plant life and stylized decor. Such gardens display cultural artwork like the French Garden and natural beauty like the Flamingo Garden. A whole day can be filled with nature walks and memorable pictures here at the gardens. Chon Buri, Thailand will treat you to an unforgettable vacation on the other side of the world.

Nong Nooch Garden, Thainland

Stonehenge Garden. Photo: Aleksasfi via Wikimedia Commons

Tenerife, Spain

As the largest of the Canary Islands, it is fitting that Spain’s largest volcano also resides here: Mount Teide. Tenerife is also known for its historic Botanical Gardens that hold both tropical and sub-tropical plants as well as native flower species. You’ll have the chance to walk through beautiful gardens as a part of natural history, grounds that are centuries old. Along with the coast, Tenerife has endless options for seeking time in the sun when you travel.

Tenerife spain

Photo: Tenerife Tourism

Tenerife possesses so many extraordinary qualities that makes it a perfect end to our list of sun-soaked destinations for your next beach vacation. These travel locations are all about relaxation, comfort, and pleasant seclusion from busy lives. Travel to any of these and you’ll never want to leave.

tenerife, spain

Photo: Vincent van Zeijst via Wikimedia Commons

Happy travels!

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