Asia travel can be chaotic with bustling cities and noisy markets. So where do you escape for some tranquil moments? Full of stunning foliage and culture, the gardens of Asia range in both beauty and age. Gorgeous views, incredible nature, and inspiring man-made art can be seen strolling through one of the parks we’ve listed for you below. Come explore the beautiful atmosphere they have to offer on your Asia travel escape!

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Spanning 250 acres of land, this nature park became central Singapore’s number one attraction in 2012. There are currently two main gardens that sit on the east and south side. Within the next couple of years, a central garden will be placed in between the two, acting as a link for visitors. Inside the Bay, South Garden has the most to offer, with the supertrees that reach 16 stories high.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay supertrees

Photo: Jaafar Alnasser via Flickr

From the top of the supertrees, you can walk narrow platforms to get to another tree or you can stop and look at the whole view of the landscape from above. Bay East Garden is where you can go to wind down, have a picnic, and enjoy the city skyline. Travel here to experience nature at its most intriguing.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Photo: reginaspics via Pixabay

The Rock Garden, Chandigarh, India

Illegally built by artist, Nek Chand, the Rock Garden of Chandigarh became a popular travel site to view statues made of recycled materials both discarded or salvaged. Though he knew the risks of being on illegal lands, Chand devoted his life to creating these sculptures. When the government first found the area, there were already 12 acres covered in statues. In 1976, it was opened to the public, a beautiful landscape to explore all 25 acres and view the 2,000 statues that still stand to this day. 

rock garden Chandigarh, India

Photo: Giridhar Appaji Nag via Wikimedia Commons

Step into this magical wonderland made of stone, an Asia travel attraction that will be like nothing you’ve seen before. The statues are not only unique in form, but seem to tell a story in their personal histories. If you’re in India, visit this extraordinary park for a lovely travel experience.

rock garden Chandigarh, India

The Rock Garden Landscape. Photo: Ian Brown via Flickr

Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore

In 1859, this garden was transformed from an old plantation site. There are many parts to the landscape, making the visit an all-day excursion. The famous National Orchid Garden holds the largest amount of orchids in the world. Another attraction is Swan Lake, home to many species of fish. You might even see a pair of swans that can be seen gliding in the water.

Singapore botanic gardens

Photo: Wenjie, Zhang | A Certain Slant of Light Fo via Flickr

Other attractions are the Learning Forest and the Heritage Museum, Keppel Wetlands, and the Pulai Marsh; all attractions hold a variety of plant species and each holds a different educational purpose to add some substance to your Asia travel.

Singapore botanic gardens

Photo: Jnzl’s Photos via Flickr

Hyakudanen (the 100 Stepped Garden), Awaji, Japan

Sitting on the mountainside of Awaji, Hyakudanen is a memorial for the lost lives of over 6,000 killed in the Great Hanshin earthquake of 1995. On one side is 100 individual squares each holding a different flower; each season the squares are changed to create a new appearance. The mountain now holds a few restaurants and hotels for your Asia travel journey. To get to the top of the garden, travel lovers can either walk or take the elevator. When the doors to the elevator open, you’ll have a gorgeous 360-degree view of the whole garden. It is quite large and it may take a second trip to see everything. But the walk is so worth it!

Awaji, Japan Hyakudanen (the 100 Stepped Garden)

Photo: 633highland via Wikimedia Commons

Japan’s 100 Stepped Garden may be the most beautiful memorial in the world. And, what better way to commemorate life than with the beauty of nature? From bamboo walkways to fields of flowers, this enchanting country is a dream travel destination.

Awaji, Japan Hyakudanen (the 100 Stepped Garden)

Photo: 663highland via Wikimedia Commons

Garden of Dreams, Kathmandu, Nepal

Also known as Swapna Bagaicha, it was constructed by Kishore Narsingh for Kaiser Shumsher in 1920; at the time, it was seen as the most sophisticated attraction. Recent restorations and renovations in the early 2000s have added a small museum, café, and an amphitheater within the walls for a modern taste and appeal.

Kathmandu, Nepal Garden of Dreams

Photo: Matt Zimmerman via Flickr

The style is neo-classical with bits of European influences across its pavilions, fountains, and decorative furniture along with vases and urns. Only three of the original pavilions stand, each representing seasons of Nepal. You’ll be able to walk most of the original grounds, connecting with history and its serene atmosphere on your Asia travel escape.

Kathmandu, Nepal Garden of Dreams

Photo: Thomas Fuhrmann via Wikimedia Commons

Nan Lian Garden, Diamond Hill, Hong Kong

Connected to a nunnery established in 1934, the Nan Lian Garden came afterward and was opened in 2006 as a public park. All elements within are stylized to resemble the Tang dynasty such as the architecture and landscape pieces around the area.

Diamond Hill, Hong Kong Nan Lian Garden

Nan Lian Grounds. Photo: Andrew Moore via Flickr

Many praise the work of the Chinese Timber Architecture that shows how the nunnery was constructed as well as the scenery around the Lotus and Blue ponds. If and when you get hungry, there is a restaurant that serves delicious vegetarian food and a charming tea house too for tea lovers! The Nan Lian is a must-see on your Asia travels!

Diamond Hill, Hong KOng Nan Lian Garden

Photo: Michal Osmenda via Wikimedia Commons

The Garden of Morning Calm, Seoul, South Korea

The Garden of the Morning Calm is a serene location that offers a lot for friends and families to share their memories, as the year ends with the Winter Light Festival in December and carries into the New Year. Once winter starts to melt, the Spring Festival awakens the Earth with nature’s budding bloom.

Seoul, South Korea Garden of Morning Calm

Greenhouse of Morning Calm Garden. Photo: Weli’mi’nakwan via Flickr

Summer is the perfect month to travel here because there are three main festivals during this season: Iris, Hydrangea, and Rose of Sharon. And sooner than you know, the Maple Festival falls upon us preceding the Chrysanthemum exhibitions. Here, beauty will follow!

Seoul, South Korea Garden of Morning Calm

Photo: Weli’mi’nakwan via Flickr

Da lat Flower Garden, Dalat, Vietnam

Near Xuan Huong Lake is where you can find Da Lat, also known as the Kingdom of Flowers. Established in 1966, the two acres of flowers offer the largest display of flowers in the area and can be seen as a place to get in touch with nature. With over 200 types of flowers, you can immerse yourself in flora that stay in full bloom for most of the year.

Da Lat, Vietnam

Photo: Diane Selwyn via Wikimedia Commons

And now is the best time to travel to Dalat, Vietnam from December through January, when the annual Flower Festival occurs. Thousands of people all over the country and world come to see what Dalat has to share with travel enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Travel here to see for yourself!

Da lat, Vietnam

Photo: Mark Bellingham via Flickr

Happy travels in Asia!

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