Waterfalls around the world have been gaining more attention for their serene aura and natural atmosphere. These extravagant works of nature range in height and width, with some waterfalls reaching over 400 feet tall! These places attract millions of people a year, and, if you’re already thinking about travel and spring break, they will hopefully attract you too!

Tinago Falls: Illigan City, Philippines

Located near Illigan city, the Tinago Falls sit in a secluded spot within the jungle close by. The only way to get to Tinago is to walk through the lush, green area before descending down a long, winding staircase. Standing at 240 feet high, Tinago’s rushing waters will catch your eyes and ears as you approach its blue body of water. Once at the bottom of the falls, take a dive into the water and take time to relax in this serene, spring break locale.

Illigan City, Philippines

Photo: jojo nicdao via Flickr

From here, it’s only a 12 minute drive to Timoga-Buru-un, the cold springs, and a 16 minute drive to Mimbalot falls. Both locations are a great place to venture after visiting the falls and both are perfect when preparing for spring. To travel to Tinago is to travel to nature’s finest.

Lanao del Norte, Philippines

Photo: jojo nicdao via Flickr

Havasupai Falls: Outside Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Tucked away in the Havasupai Reservation is Havasu Falls on the edge of Grand Canyon National Park. This travel destination is for those who are up for a 5 mile hike through mountains and breathtaking views. At 100 feet tall, it will be hard to miss when following the appropriate marked trail. Here, you’ll find others swimming and relaxing while bathing in the Arizona sun. Take a hike through the park and end at Havasu where you can have a small lunch and take a quick dip to pamper yourself this spring break!

Arizona, United States

Photo: Jon Roig via Flickr

This land is home to the Supai tribe who welcome visitors onto their land, so please be respectful while visiting the reserve. Keep in mind that nature is a gift and to leave no trace behind.

Grand Cayon National Park, Arizona

Photo: shiloh2006 via Flickr

Seljalandsfoss: Þórsmerkurvegur, Iceland

This 200 foot, cascading waterfall sits on the south coast of Iceland. Being one of the main waterfalls on the island, Seljalandsfoss continues to attract thousands of people a year who travel to Iceland to experience its beauty. Many come to walk on the unique path that takes them behind the falls. Here, you can take memorable photos as well as get another perspective of Seljalandsfoss ‘behind the scenes.’

Iceland, Europe

Photo: Giuseppe Milo via Flickr

If you are up for a bigger adventure, Gljúfrabúi Falls is only a 10 minute walk away, a must-see while you’re here! Fit in one or both for your spring break vacation and you’ll have an unforgettable time in nature.

Iceland, Europe

Photo: Ævar Guðmundsson via Flickr

Mount Damper Falls: Taranaki, New Zealand

When walking to the falls, a path will lead you through a small farmland; as you pass through, you can see herds of sheep grazing on grass. You’ll continue to follow a scenic path after the farmland until you reach the falls. Once at Mount Damper, enjoy multi-tiered falls, the top reaching over 250 feet tall. The current is said to be gentle, but be careful while exploring! Rocks can often be slippery so be sure to keep an eye out; travel and pack accordingly for your spring break adventure in New Zealand!

New Zealand

Photo: Jon Hall via Flickr

Igauzu Falls: Missiones Province, Argentina

There is an interesting twist to this location because it sits on the border of Argentina and Brazil; on both sides, Iguazu is a part of UNESCO national parks. There are many levels of the falls, with some points standing at a mere 100 feet and other parts reaching to stand at nearly 300 feet high. Igauzu Falls make up the largest waterfall system in the world.

Missiones Province, Argentina

Photo: Patrick Nouhailler via Flickr

On your Argentina travels, spend the afternoon in Igauzu National Park exploring the area around the falls as well as playing and swimming in the water. Your spring break will be so memorable with Igauzu Falls on your travel itinerary.

Missiones Province, Argentina

Photo: mark goble via Flickr

Talakona Falls: Andhra Pradesh, India

Standing at 270 feet tall, Talakona is the serene highlight of the Sri Venkateswara National Park. The region around Talakona Falls offers an abundance of wild flowers and butterflies found nowhere else but in the Andhra Pradesh state. Submerge yourself in the lush green forest surrounded by wildlife as you make your way to the falls; many of the species here are endangered and rare, so please be respectful of the wildlife. Once you travel to Talakona, take time to swim in the water that is said to have special minerals that heal and restore.

Andhra Pradesh, India

Photo: Vinoth Chandar via Flickr

Gocta Cataracts: Cocachimbo, Peru

Though this waterfall is said to be one of the tallest waterfalls in the world, the cataracts were not seen by the world until 2005. Since then people from all over the world have traveled to this ‘secret’ location. Located within the Peruvian Amazon, the falls stand at an incredible 2,000 feet high. To get here will require an intermediate amount of hiking before you reach your travel destination. Once you travel to the falls, take time to enjoy your surroundings with some photos before the big hike back to where you started! Though a fair amount of hiking, the Gocta Cataracts will make your spring break one that will last a lifetime.


Photo: John Whittaker via Flickr

Enjoy planning for spring break!

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