Planning an American trip and don’t know where to go? America is a vast country with 50 different states to explore. Unfortunately, most travel lovers don’t have the time—or the funds—to visit all the states in one American trip. From California’s classic Hollywood sign to New York’s sparkling Empire State Building, there is so much to see and do in America. For travel junkies who want to pack in as many miles in the beautiful country as possible, there are many unique ways to do so.

Ride A Bus

Greyhound is a North American company that offers low-cost bus rides across the country. Their newest buses are all built with the latest emissions-reducing parts, and their older buses have been upgraded to be greener as well. Travelers can ride all the way from San Francisco, CA to New York, NY. Along the way, you can get out at bus stops and visit different states and attractions, from flashy Las Vegas to gritty Baltimore. Perhaps the cheapest and eco-friendliest way to see the nation, Greyhound buses offer stunning views you won’t want to miss on your American trip.

Drive in the Desert on Your America Trip

Photo: Quintin Gellar via Pexels

Take A Train

Amtrak is an American rail company that presents travel lovers with an affordable and beautiful way to see America. With over five hundred stations across the nation, Amtrak can take you nearly anywhere on your American trip. The rail company offers a special pass for travel fiends looking to explore the country.

The USA Rail Pass gives travel junkies the option of riding for 15, 30, or 45 days. Gaze at the drizzly city of Seattle, WA one day and the snow-capped mountains of Colorado the next. Amtrak trains offer bedrooms and roomettes, dining cars and food service, free Wi-Fi, and a quiet car for relaxation. Many of the trains also provide extra-large windows, so you won’t miss a single view during your American trip.

amtrak cardinal new york to chicago

Photo via Amtrak Media Center

Go Car Camping

Car camping is a simple, flexible, and effective way to see all of the country on your American trip. All you need is a car, tent, and sleeping bag. Car camping is extremely flexible because travel junkies can decide how long they want to drive, where they want to stop, and how much time they want to spend at each location.

Campsites are in abundance throughout the nation, so there will always be a site to stop for the night hovering on the horizon. Campsites generally offer tons of wonderful outdoor activities, such as butterfly watching and lush hiking trails.

However, if you feel more like visiting the city, you can simply pack up your campsite and drive to the nearest town for a glamorous night out. With car camping, you can customize your route to fit in the sights you want to see most. From Maine’s beautiful foliage to Oklahoma’s dusty plains, there are so many wonderful places to drive to—and through—on your American trip.

Take A Guided Tour

Tour companies like TrekAmerica offer travelers adventurous tours across America. You could try different cross-country tours, ranging anywhere from nine to 75 days. From nature-focused trips to city-centered tours, travel junkies can discover all different aspects of American culture. Explore the iconic Grand Canyon, the mountainous city of Denver, and the concrete jungle of NYC all in one trip.

Fall Milk © Brandon Yoshizawa

Photo: © Brandon Yoshizawa (USA)

Take the scenic river route

Who says you must travel on land? Seeing the nation by water is a unique, fun experience. By traveling on a boat, you can see America as a big picture rather than as fragments. There are many different options travel lovers can enjoy. Companies like American Queen Steamboat Company offer river cruises through America’s famous rivers.

Travel along the Mississippi River to explore historic southern America, or travel the same route Lewis and Clark took when exploring the nation’s wild west. Other lines also provide travelers with scenic maritime routes. Whatever way you decide to travel, picturesque views and rich culture await you on your American trip.

Cruise Ship in America

Photo: Joe Breuer via Pixabay

From car camping to riding the rail, there are so many fun ways to see a lot of the nation. However you do decide to travel, we hope you have a wonderful American trip!

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