Pamper yourself on a Tuscany holiday with this spa break at the gorgeous Grotta Giusti.

Grotta Giusti, Tuscany, is launching one of the world’s most unusual yoga offerings, thermal yoga in a millennial thermal cave with natural therapeutic steam baths. The hotel is also introducing a two-night spa package which includes floating therapy or scuba diving in the grotto’s underground thermal lake, alongside the thermal yoga. Makes for an idyllic Tuscany holiday.

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Thermal Yoga in a historic Tuscan retreat

Grotta Giusti, a historic Tuscan spa retreat, is home to an ancient Grotto – a millennial thermal cave and a thermal underground hot spring lake – which famed composer, Giuseppe Verdi, regarded as “the eighth wonder of the world”.

In this ancient wonder, the hotel is now offering thermal yoga classes with a qualified instructor. Yoga practised in the natural warmth of this underground labyrinth amplifies sensations, aids concentration and raises body temperature while you benefit from the therapeutic effects of the cave’s thermal vapours.

The water running through the Grotto is rich in salt, sulphate, and alkaline earth and comes out of the ground at around 34°C. Its vapours generate a steam bath that provides effective treatment for respiratory, circulatory, osteo-muscular, nervous, and skin complaints.

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What’s included

Classes can be booked individually, or you can book the hotel’s two-night thermal yoga experience. This special package includes a choice of scuba diving or floating therapy in the underground hot spring lake; floating therapy is a deeply relaxing and highly effective treatment for relieving pain and combatting stress.

Grotta Giusti is the only hotel in Europe to have an underground thermal cave and hot spring lake within its grounds and there is no experience quite like diving into its warm, thermal waters.

The thermal yoga follows the floating therapy or scuba diving, with the once-in-a-lifetime experience topped off with an Ayurvedic Massage: the perfect end to this relaxing break.

If you’re booking the package, you will also enjoy full access to the hotel’s thermal hot spring swimming pools and bioquam circuit, fitness centre and guided morning hike. Finally, dinner is included both nights, one a la carte dinner and one special and very indulgent tasting dinner.

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Themal yoga


Rates for the two-night thermal spa package start from €664 ($770 approx) per person based on double-occupancy.

What’s included:

Rates include two nights B&B, one a la carte dinner at the newly refurbished La Veranda restaurant, one tasting dinner, thermal swimming pool and bioaquam circuit, a 50-minute thermal yoga class, 90-minute scuba diving or spa floating and a 50-minute Ayurveda massage.

A relaxing Tuscany holiday – sounds perfectly dreamy!

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