For a holistic way to keep dry skin away, here are some nourishing foods to make your skin glow all winter long.

Hey Ecophiles, I have dry skin and it gets worse every winter. I’m trying to cut down on chemical laden moisturizers. Is there a way to keep my skin well nourished with holistic diet and skincare? 

– Sarah B. Greene, Denver

The simplest and most direct way to go about hydrating your skin is to drink enough water. Typically, while it’s not an exact science, the body can absorb and process 4oz of water every 20 minutes. If you are a math genius, this doesn’t exactly add up to the amount of water we are normally told to drink per day.

The other way of looking at it is to drink half your body weight in ounces. If you are 100lbs then 50 ounces is advised. But there are many conflicting messages about hydration and some of it depends on where you live because climate plays a big role. We may think winters are not as dehydrating as summers, but in cold weather our sweat evaporates more quickly and blood vessels constrict causing a diminished thirst response.

In colder months we simply don’t feel as thirsty, but we still might do all the same things like drink coffee, enjoy a cocktail, talk, sweat and cry. All of these are contributing factors to dehydration in whatever season. There are things you can do to keep your skin clear and glowing all winter long.

Here are a top few food choices to consider adding to your daily diet to keep dry skin at bay.


More than 95% water and delicious! It is also considered to be a strong fighter of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Slice it up and put it in your water for flavor, a salad for added crisp or add a little salt to your cucumber and have a healthy snack.

lime and cucumber how to beat the heatwave

Photo: Seksak Kerdkanno via Pixabay


Contains over 82% water and is actually a berry! This delicious fruit contains medicinal properties, anti-inflammatory effects and may be useful in preventing certain cancers.

Olive and Coconut oils

Not directly a hydrator, but definitely helpful in keeping the skin moisturized. Either use these oils post shower to hold moisture in the skin or add it to your meals and reap the many benefits of these incredible natural skin treatments and say goodbye to dry skin.

coconut and oil

Photo: Phu Thunh via Wikimedia Commons


Hanging out around 95% water this little power packed fruit will keep you up to speed with your water intake. Rich in vitamin C and potassium you can bet your skin will love it!


Like tomatoes this fruit boasts 94% water. It slows the aging process, offers much needed electrolytes and improves digestion! It also makes a great pasta substitute.

Celery juice

Photo: Pixabay


Another high water content solution. Celery contains 95% water and is super good with almond butter. It’s best to eat it raw as many of its best nutrients are lost if cooked or steamed.

Bell Peppers

A great source of vitamin A, one cup of chopped bell pepper delivers almost 3 times more vitamin C than a single orange. That alone is a good reason to chomp on these little gems.

Photo:Dennis Hill via Flickr


No, that doesn’t mean wine:) They hold about 80% water, but they also offer a natural sugar boost when you are craving something sweet.

There are plenty of nutrient dense fruits and veggies to munch on throughout your day to keep your skin, hair and body feeling and looking its best. I recommend using natural moisturizers like olive oil or coconut oil maybe even jojoba because they don’t have other chemicals mixed in that will compromise your skin in other ways. A few other tips to keep your skin supple and dewy?

Skip super hot showers. Shower in warm water, but be sure it’s not too hot. Hot water sucks moisture from your skin and strips its protective oils. Use light exfoliants when cleansing your face so no damage is done to your pores. Lather on a moisturizer while your skin is still damp and use satin instead of cotton on your pillow cases. Yep, cotton draws moisture right out of your face and hair.

Oh! And drink coconut water- maybe straight from the coconut?

Have a great winter!

– Andrea J Lett, Green living expert – Ecophiles

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