From fresh produce to live entertainment, here are some of the most visited and popular farmers’ markets America has to offer.

According to Farmers Market Coalition, there are over 8,600 farmers’ markets registered in the USDA farmers market directory. As most people can see, farmers’ markets are quite popular and common in America these days. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the best spots to purchase fresh foods and other goodies. So, here are eight farmers’ markets America boasts of that you should visit today.

Farmers Public Market, Oklahoma

Oklahoma houses one of the most popular farmers market since 1928, aka the Farmer’s Public Market. It sells an assortments of flowers, fresh produce, and it has local food hubs too. However, locals have expressed that this farmers’ market focuses more on antique stores compared to vegetables and fruits vendors.

On the other hand, there are some locals who claimed that they love the handful of selected vegetables, breads, and wines sold at the Farmers Public Market.

California Avenue Farmer’s Market

Palo Alto, California is popular for Stanford University, but just minutes away from this well-known university lies the California Avenue Farmer’s Market. This farmer’s market has fresh and local produce, a variety of street shops, homemade baked goodies, and several restaurants and food stalls too. Therefore, college students and families should take advantage of this farmer’s market every Sunday from 9am-1pm.

California Ave. Farmers' Market in Palo Alto, California

Photo by: Jun Seita via Flickr

Downtown San Luis Obispo Farmer’s Market

Take a trip to Downtown San Luis Obispo to visit one of the most entertaining and enjoyable farmer’s market. Downtown San Luis Obispo Farmer’s Market has affordable food, a lively atmosphere, and obviously fresh produce.

However, be aware that its located in downtown which means it gets crowded very fast. Also, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students can take advantage of this farmers market because it’s only 5-7 minutes away from the university. On the other hand, if you prefer to use the transit, it takes approximately 30-35 minutes to arrive to the farmers’ market.

Downtown SLO Farmers’ Market

Photo: Sandra Hoyt via Flickr

Peach Tree Road Farmers Market

Georgia is famously known as the “peach state,” therefore the Peach Tree Road Farmers Market is the most fitting name for this farmers’ market. Peach Tree Road Farmers Market is described as a friendly environment with an amazing selections of vendors. Some of the things that you can find at this farmers’ market is soy free eggs, pastries, raw milk, and fresh vegetables.

Peachtree Road Farmers' Market in Georgia

Photo by: Jules Perry via Flickr

St. Paul Farmers Market, Minnesota

St. Paul Farmers Market sells any vegetable or fruit that’s currently in season. There’s also a great selection of plants for anyone who loves to garden or if they simply want to purchase some flowers for their home.

However, it’s good to keep in mind that this farmer’s market is quite small so it does get crowded quickly and it can get a bit hectic too. Many experienced customers have suggested to park far because parking is very limited. Other than that, this farmer’s market is perfect for anyone who lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

st paul farmers' market minnesota

Photo: Kichigai Mentat via Flickr

Des Moines’ Downtown Farmers’ Market

If you’re looking for locally-grown produced and you’re someone who strongly believes in living a sustainable lifestlye then the Des Moines’ Downtown Farmers’ Market is the perfect spot for you. Before you stop by the market, make sure you double check on the time because there’s a different schedule depending on the month and season. According to the Durham Farmers Market website, there’s a Main Season Market, Winter Market, and Mid-Week Market schedule.

Downtown Farmers' Market in Des Moines, Iowa

Photo by: Phil Roeder via Flickr

Durham Farmers’ Market

Durham Farmers’ Market is located in the lovely Durham Central Park. This is an advantage for visitors and consumers because they can fit their cardio in for the day while purchasing some fresh produce. According to some local visitors, the best months to go to this farmers’ market is from May to October. However, you can go any time of the year and still have a great experience.

St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market

St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market has over 100 vendors with live entertainments too. Notably, this farmers market has the most nationalities or styles of ‘ready-to-eat’ food than any market in the United States. This is perfect for food bloggers and Instagrammers who want to try a lot of food in one area. However, if you’re someone who enjoys trying new dishes then this is the perfect spot for you too.

According to the Saturday Morning Market’s website, approximately 10,000 people attend this market on a typical Saturday. So, plan your schedule accordingly and make sure you arrive early.

Freshly picked radishes Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg

Photo by: U.S. Department of Agriculture via Flickr

We hope you love these farmers’ markets America has to offer – a riot of colour and fragrances await!

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