From Georgia to Washington D.C visit some of the best photography spots for your East Coast travel list this year.

From the city life to hiking up in the mountains, the East Coast is undeniably the place to visit due to its diverse attractions. These eye-catching areas are so beautiful and unique that you feel a strong urge to take some pictures and to capture every moment with your camera. Therefore, if you’re a photographer or an avid instagram user, you have to put these under-the-radar 7 photography spots on your East Coast travel list this year.

Buttermilk Falls

Hike your way up to New Jersey’s highest and most eye-catching waterfall, cascading 90 feet down the red shale face off Kittatinny Ridge. Buttermilk Falls is also a short hike on the Appalachian Trail.

With a beautiful scenery like this, you cannot pass up on the opportunity to take some memorable pictures. Also, you can be as creative as you want to be when you’re walking around Buttermilk Falls. You don’t have to take just landscape and nature pictures. In fact, you can do something as fun as taking your wedding pictures or have a fun photoshoot for your next Instagram picture.


Photo via Goodfreephotos

Harvard Square

Harvard University is eye-catching on its own but, that’s not the only attraction in Cambridge, Massachusetts that left a great impression on me. Only a few minutes away from this popular university lies the beautiful Harvard Square.

Harvard Square is a trendy spot for college students, coffee lovers, and those who like a relaxing spot to hangout for the day. Honestly, it’s a place for everybody because it has a little bit of everything that suits different likings and taste. From bookstores, to cafes, you can’t go wrong with Harvard Square. Also, this is the perfect spot to take aesthetically pleasing coffee shop pictures for your Instagram.

Harvard_square_harvard_yard east coast travel

Photo: Chensiyuan via Wikimedia Commons

Rock City Gardens

Rock City Gardens is a famous tourist attraction in the beautiful state of Georgia. If you’re interested in landscapes, waterfall, and nature shots, this lovely area is the place for you. 

To continue, you can drive over to seven states starting at Rock City Gardens. The seven states that you can visit is Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virgina. Notably, the closest state from Rock City Gardens is Chattanooga, Tennessee, which takes only 8 minutes to drive there.

Lovers Leap in Rock City Gardens

Photo: Fuzzy Images via Flickr

Wickford Village

Wickford Village, a quaint, historic seaside village, has some of the best fine eateries and photography spots in Rhode Island. This area is perfect for anyone who enjoys a tranquil, relaxing, and historic-type area. Wickford Village, home to Colonial and Federal period homes and the oldest all wooden lighthouse in America, is also great for food enthusiasts and food instagrammers because they have so many delicious foodie spots to try. Some of the popular food spots that locals have talked about was Jitters Cafe, Inside Scoop, and Shayna’s.

Calm waters of Academy Cove reflect Wickford’s historic houses. Photo: Ellen Waxman via Wikimedia Commons

Trap Pond State Park

Described as a “swamp beauty,” Trap Pond State Park in Delaware is the best spot to go camping, boating, and to simply enjoy nature’s beauty. If you’re someone who loves kayaking or wildlife watching, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that you can spot turtles, fawn, and blue heron during your wildlife adventures.

Notably, Trap Pond State Park is popular for its bald cypress trees. The Bald Cypress Tree is unique looking and its most commonly found in the swamp. Which is why you’ll spot these trees the most when you’re roaming around Trap Pond State Park. 

Bald_Cypress trap pond state park delaware

Bald Cypress trees. Photo: Kej 605 via Wikimedia Commons

Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C

Cherry Blossoms are popular in the spring, especially when you visit somewhere as fun as Washington D.C. From March 20th to April 14th, you’ll have a chance to partake in the cherry blossom festivities.

There are many activities to choose from during this time period like, the National Cherry Blossom Festival and the National Cherry Blossom Parade. Also, it’s the best time to take other pictures besides cherry blossoms too. You can take advantage of the spring season by taking your graduation or wedding photos in Washington D.C.  

Washington trip Tidal Basin- Cherry Blossoms- by Abhijeet Karle - via Flickr - 1024 x 700

Tidal Basin at Washington DC – Photo: Abhijeet Karle via Flickr

Gillette Castle State Park

Described as the medieval fortress and one of Connecticut’s oldest landscapes, lies the beautiful Gillette Castle State Park. Gillette Castle notably gained its named from the former actor, playwright, and stage manager William Hooker Gillette. Gillette is the owner of the castle and the man behind the castle designs too. The best part about this attraction is that you can come all year round and enjoy its beauty in different seasons. Therefore, Gillette Castle is the perfect spot to visit to make memories and to take lots of pictures.

Gillette Castle State Park connecticut

Photo: Jason Eppink via Flickr

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