If you are planning an extended trip abroad and don’t want your home to sit empty all that time, you might consider renting it out. This would provide you with a steady income while you are away, and ensures that your home is aired out, occupied and safe. Many travelers advertise their homes on popular sites like AirBnB, allowing visitors to stay in their home in a hassle-free way.

Nevertheless, renting out your apartment while you’re in another country comes with downsides and responsibilities. Here are some of the risks, and tips for renting out your apartment. Let’s get started!

Damage or theft of your belongings

Part of renting out your home to strangers is that you need to have immense trust in people’s goodwill. Sites that allow you to rate your guests in terms of cleanliness and general behaviour can ensure that people are on their best behaviour, but even then, you never know what might happen with total strangers living in your home.

The solution

If you have particular valuables that you aren’t taking with you, such as jewelry, art, family heirlooms or fragile ornaments, you could rent a small and inexpensive storage facility in which to place those valuables while you’re out of town. In addition, registering your apartment through a service that allows you to rate your guests will usually prevent anything sketchy from happening.

Check-in and check-out

If you are abroad and renting out your home, you will need to have a friend, neighbor or family member act as the host. This means meeting guests, checking them in and giving them a brief tour of the home, and at the end of their stay, checking them out again. In addition, this host will need to be contactable by the guests if they have problems or queries. Finally, they will be responsible for having the place professionally cleaned between guests. This is a big responsibility that some people might not be willing to take on. 

The solution

If you have somebody in mind to act as your home’s host while you are away, perhaps offer them a cut of the rent fees you are earning from the guests. This will incentivise them to dedicate their time and energy to your enterprise while you are away.

Handling things from abroad

If you are planning to be totally off-the-beaten-track, renting out your home might not be the wisest idea. Even if you have someone acting as the host on your behalf, if something bad happens, such as a break-in, a fire or flood in your home, the homeowner will need to be contacted. You will need to be contactable at least partially while you are away.

The solution

If you are planning a tech detox while you are away, why not buy a cheap burner phone, keep it charged, and give the phone number only to your host? That way, you are contactable in an emergency, without checking your iPhone constantly for updates.

Overall, renting out your home while you are travelling is a great way to pay for the trip and keep your home safely occupied. Follow these tips for renting out your apartment to alleviate any stress when renting out your home!

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