From whale watching to the tallest all-granite structure in the USA, here are memorable experiences for your Cape Cod trip.

Cape Cod.  When you hear American’s talk of gorgeous pieces of paradise ripe for holidays, honeymoons and rental homes you will inevitably hear Cape Cod trip in there somewhere.

It isn’t without good reason though. There are pockets of serenity, wilderness, and breathtaking beauty.

There are a few islands and attractions that should make your must-see list. Here is a couple of them.


Up at the very top of Cape Cod, Provincetown has a hot music scene. It is heaving with gorgeous beaches, and miles (and miles) of great cycling paths. It’s a great place to walk around too. If you prefer to spend your time in the water, there is a lot of boat excursions and kayaking also.

There are plenty of cultural things to see too. Provincetown Heritage museum has a substantial 66-foot model of a Grand Banks schooner. It also hosts a collection of works by artists that have worked in the area. Hands Hoffman and Jackson Pollock to name a few.

Another very cool thing to see is the 252-foot Pilgrim Monument. It’s the tallest all-granite structure in the USA.

To make the most of this area you’re going to want to check out Provincetown hotels, and book a few days. But book early, it books up fast.

princetown MA

Photo: Ted Eytan via Flickr

Whale Watching

There are some places in the world where you can tick off a lot of those big life moments. For many people, whale watching is very high up on the list of things to do before they die. And who can blame them? Boats leave from Macmillan Wharf, in Provincetown, from mid-April through to October. You’ll need to book in advance, and unsurprisingly this is very popular.

Trained naturalists will be onboard the boats and can give you details and facts about several breeds of whale. Minke, humpbacks, and finbacks can be observed for a few hours.

There are other tours that leave from Barnstable harbour and Hyannis too.

Humpback Cape Cod Whale Watching tours

Photo: Whit Wells via Wikimedia Commons


If you want to see something a little smaller, but no less phenomenal then maybe seal watching is for you. Watching them play and swim in their natural habitat is quite spectacular. You can grab a narrated tour from Orleans, and you can hear some exciting things about pilgrims, pirates and the shipwrecks.

cape cod seals torsten dederichs via unsplash

Photo: Torsten Dederichs via Unsplash


This is a ferry port and is on the south coast of Cape Cod. Many sailboat owners will use Lewis Bay to anchor their yachts. If you are lucky enough to head to Cape Cod in early June, your boat or ship will be blessed in the Harbor Festival. There are live performances, plenty of children’s activities, and speed clam-shucking contests.

If you dig trains, then you can get onboard the Cape Cod Central Railroad and take a trip past woodlands, Great Salt Marsh, beautiful villages and cranberry bogs.

cape cod central railroad

Photo: Cape Cod Central Railroad via Flickr


Stunning due to the view of both the Atlantic and Cape Cod Bay. You are guaranteed to catch the most stunning sunrises, and sunsets and you can opt for a warm or cold ocean to dip your toes into. The French Cable Station has some of the original equipment used to put down the transatlantic cables. The transatlantic cable was what allowed telegraph communication between Europe and North America – so a very cool piece of history.

In fact, it is the very one that got the message through that Charles Lindbergh had landed in Paris.

Cape Cod National Seashore

Unbelievably there is almost a 40 miles stretch of protected seashore. The Cape Cod National Seashore has remained pretty much untouched and unchanged since Henry David Thoreau strolled along the sand. The Atlantic white cedar, the thick conifers, the soft sandy beaches, and the ample amount of birds make it feel almost like an uninhabited island. Of course, there are many visitors that want to enjoy it too.

Happiest Cities Cape Cod, MA

Cape Cod. Photo by Radius Images / Alamy Stock Photo


This beautiful place was founded by colonists in 1659. It is, of course, the main settlement in Nantucket. It is a 15 mile-long island, that is around 30 miles south of Cape Cod. Originally Quaker missionaries settled there in the 18th century.

Where now the area is more focused on whale watching during 1740-1830 it was the centre of the worlds whaling industry. And boasted almost 125 having ships.

It is having plenty of historical attractions and very popular with travellers who love history and a good pair of walking shoes. You won’t need a car, the hotels are well equipped with renting bikes, and will meet the ferry upon arrival. Ideal for an easy Cape Cod trip.

Martha’s Vineyard

Who hasn’t heard of this place? It is 5 miles south of Cape Cod, and you can quickly get there by car or passenger ferries. The Vineyard, as it is known, is more laidback in atmosphere than Nantucket. It is home to 6 small towns, each with its own personality (so you might need to come back a few times to soak it all up).

Edgartown is the oldest European settlement on Martha’s Vineyard. The streets are shaded by substantial, beautiful trees, and you will see plenty of white clapboard homes. Nestled in there you will find the Vincent House, which is the oldest. Initially built in 1672 it has been furnished and restored to its former glory.

Martha's Vineyard Cottages Cape Cod

Martha’s Vineyard Cottages. Photo: Michele Schaffer via Wikimedia Commons


Have you ever had fish from a landlocked restaurant? Well, you have never had the best then. Eating fresh seafood, from sea to plate is an experience that you won’t forget in a hurry. The restaurants around Cape Cod have a delectable array of seafood dishes and pretty much no matter which one you go to, you will be indulging yourself in rich flavours.

If you intend to have an authentic Cape Cod experience then during the summer make it your duty to get a lobster roll, oysters in the half shell, scallops and clams.

Harwich Port

According to Coastal Magazine, this was once the Happiest Seaside Town in the whole of the USA. The slow days, breezes making the sea ripple gently on the shore, and the Harwich Port Summer Nights, which take place every Wednesday night in July are amazing.

Plenty of vendors, live music and a lot of people just out to have a relaxing evening – and you could be one of them.

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