Thinking of exploring the golden coastline of Western Australia? There’s a reason Western Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, and that’s because of the sheer number of beautiful, jaw-dropping beaches in Perth and Fremantle (a short 30 minute drive from Perth).

We’ve caught up with the locals at Be. Fremantle apartments who have given us the low-down on the best beaches in both Perth and Fremantle!

Port Beach

Located in North Fremantle, Port Beach is a metropolitan beach that stretches from Swan River to Leighton Beach. The beach is a perfect destination for those who enjoy swimming, snorkelling and paddleboarding. In fact, its crystal blue water attracts many water sports enthusiasts.

Snorkelling is a usual beach activity in Port Beach while you can also see other travellers just lounging around by the beach. If you are looking for some relaxing time during your stay in the area, Port Beach also features a local café called Coast. The café offers a relaxing ambience perfect for unwinding while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while staring at the ocean.

Port Beach Fremantle australia

Port Beach. Photo: Charles Van den Broek via Wikimedia Commons

South Beach

South Beach is situated in the southern part of Fremantle. It is a long stretch of beach which is one of the trendiest areas of the city. South Beach is one of the best, highly sought-after, beach front locations on Earth between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay.

The north section of the beach is usually the portion where many locals frequently bring their pets due to the grassy areas found surrounding the beach.

South Beach has lots to offer; its white sand beach is complemented by rolling dunes as well as outdoor facilities perfect for recreation, kids’ play area and for cooking out. Many travellers also enjoy water activities, such as sailing, water sports-boating, yachting, swimming, surfing, scuba, stand up paddle boarding, kite surfing, snorkelling, among others.

Leighton Beach

Leighton Beach is a popular beach for people living adjacent to Port Beach. It is the home of the Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club and covers a 1.5 km stretch of coastline. The part of Fremantle neighbouring Leighton Beach is still being developed into a residential area, attracting more restaurants, shops, café, and pubs.

Swimming and snorkelling are some of the favourite activities in the area but its waves are not as defined as that along Port Beach. The northern portion of the beach is designated as the Leighton Dog Beach, which is a specified dog exercise area. Paths are also allocated for runners, joggers or strollers alike.

Leighton Beach serves as a venue throughout the year for events such as the “Day at the Beach Triathlon” and the “Swim Thru Leighton.”

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe, or Cott as the locals call it, is one of the most popular beaches in Perth and has been considered as the choice beach for the past century. Cott is a perfect option for travellers or locals near to Fremantle. Public transportations are easily accessible from Be. Fremantle which is right to township followed by a short 10 to 15-minute walk to hit this paradise beach.

Cott is the best beach for exciting water activities, such as swimming, surfing, snorkelling or even just lounging around by the beach. Explore Cottesloe Beach magnificent underwater world and be amazed at what’s waiting for you down there.

Aside from the activities, you can do on the beach, Cottesloe Beach is also home to several restaurants, cafes, and pubs which are located just across the beach where you can taste its local food and other popular delicacies.

The Basin, Rottnest Island

The Basin is a 25-minute ferry trip away from Fremantle. It is Rottnest Island’s picturesque swimming beach and is famous with locals and tourists alike because of its crystal clear water and white sand beach.

In the right weather conditions — summertime, low tide, gentle breeze — The Basin is the best swimming, snorkelling, fishing or even lounging in the sand beach destination at Rottnest. It is an easy day trip, suited for family holidays or even for spontaneous outings.

rottnest-island australia

Rottnest island. Photo via Pixabay

Bathers Beach

Bathers Beach is a 300-metre popular city beach which is the type of beach you’d go to if you can’t be bothered going anywhere else. Surrounded by several cultural and historical attraction sites, Bathers Beach is a city treasure as it offers travellers many options that make their stay in the city worthwhile. If you are thinking about visiting Bathers Beach, do not miss to check out the food and drink at Bathers Beach House.

Bathers Beach is also known as Whalers Beach because of the neighbouring whaling companies operating from the harbour in the past. Indeed, Bathers Beach is perfect for travellers looking for a short yet a sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Fremantle_Bathers_Beach australia

Bathers Beach. Photo: Madeleine Holland via Wikimedia Commons

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach is just a short drive away from Fremantle. It is one of the most popular beaches in Perth and is perfectly suitable for visitors of all ages.

Scarborough Beach is the best destination for water activities, such as swimming, surfing, or sunbathing in common. Its crystal blue waters and white sand beaches make it an ideal place for lounging around or just enjoying the beach scenery. One of the best attractions in the area includes the amphitheatre which is one of a kind in Western Australia. The beach also hosts live entertainment events during the Summer season.

Trigg Beach

Located just approximately 14 km from Perth, Trigg Beach is a rock-free beach that is frequently visited by both locals and tourists alike, making it famous as a surfer’s beach with surf-able conditions year-round.

Trigg Beach is a little extreme for swimmers and even challenging for confident swimmers because of its beach breaking waves, no wonder why it’s rated as one of Perth’s best surfing spot. Enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee at the Trigg Island Café while taking a break from the water.

Trigg Beach perth australia

Trigg Beach. Photo: Jopparker via Wikimedia Commons

Sandtrax Beach

Situated north of Fremantle’s northernmost breakwater, Sandtrax Beach is a perfect tourist spot if you want to avoid the blustery Fremantle Doctor when it’s in full sandblast swing. Sandtrax Beach is another hidden gem of Fremantle.

Unlike any other beach destinations in Perth, Sandtrax Beach has fewer travellers as it is slightly out of the way. Nevertheless, this paradise beach of Fremantle still has a lot to offer that will surely complete your holiday where you can enjoy the usual beach activity favourites at any time of the day.

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