Whatever you’re planning, whether a few days break or months away from home traveling the world it won’t be complete without a certain element of technology. It has instilled itself in all areas of life and can help you really get the best out of your travel experience. There will be different elements of technology needed for different parts of the world, but these tips can get you started and ensure your getaway is a good one. Just be sure to make a quick checklist and really bottom out exactly what you need on your adventures. Here are some handy travel tech tips:

Laptop Dilemma

It depends where you’re going and what for, but a laptop may be a necessity. If you’re a travel writer, or someone who takes their work with them you may not have a choice. If you just like them to watch a bit of TV at night or when on transport, you can think about bringing a tablet instead, they’re lighter and do the job.

In terms of software technology you may want to think about a VPN, to ensure you have full internet accessibility wherever you are on the globe. To do this you may need to delete previous network information on your laptop, especially if you’re having trouble connecting.

You should learn how to forget a network on Mac and PC just in case. Remember, a laptop is a clear target for thieves, so make sure it’s concealed in a bag when you’re traveling. You may also need to consider a sturdy case, especially if you’re taking it off into the sticks where it can be damaged by the odd knock or dirt and dust.

Power Bank

Running out of battery is trouble enough when you’re at home and a second away from the charger. When you’re in the middle of a foreign city it’s even worse. Having a contingency can mitigate you getting into trouble, being able to contact people is paramount and a powerbank can help you in that regard. Some can give a quick boost, others can keep charging your phone and other equipment for a couple of days. Pick the right item for the situation and budget. Make sure the ports are suitable for your device too, or buy an adapter if you really have your eyes set on one.

Sleep Right

Making sure you get a good night’s sleep is a must if you’re going to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Depending on where you’re going, you need to ensure you protect your sleep the best you can. If you’re planning a few nights out camping, check the weather in advance. Cheap tents are all well and good but if you’re in the freezing cold they won’t do much. The same goes for a sleeping bag. Make sure you get a good one. 

If you’re going off the beaten trail you need to make sure you’re well prepared, you can get simple to use and install mosquito nets, which are a godsend if you’re going somewhere hot and humid. They’ll ensure you get a great sleep but also result in a happier following day, without constant itching or irritation.

Finally, travel light! Eco-friendly and hassle-free.