The holidays are coming and it’s time to prepare for that fall or winter UK getaway you have been longing for. Although most of you are waiting for winter or snow related activities, there are a lot of things that you can do that should make your UK getaway more exciting than ever. All it takes is an adventurous spirit and your need for thrill and excitement. With these alternative getaways, you don’t have to get that Eurostar ticket or catch that plane to Switzerland. So, here are five of the best alternative UK getaways you can add to your autumn or winter holiday vacation.

White-water rafting in Wales

The National White Water Centre is a commercial location that boasts 9km natural white-water river, beautiful scenery and a taste of the beauty of nature inside a national park. Enjoy the rapids and immerse yourself in its prettiness while enjoying one of the most exhilarating experiences in your life.
If it is your first time rafting, the rapids may intimidating. However, with the help of a rafting guide, you would soon enjoy the thrill of the adventure.
Everything about white-water rafting begins in the northern part of Wales, where the upper Tryweryn introduces you to the rapids, which is a 1.5 KM white-water river and continues to River Dee that should give you a good break from all the rush. This should continue to sections of grades 3-4 and 2-3 that stretches to over 4 KM. The experience will surely change the way you see nature and all the beauty in it.
white water rafting

White-Water Rafting

Camping in Cornwall

If you are planning a getaway with the whole family or with some friends at work or school, then you would have considered camping on your list of activities. If there is a special place in the country that offers the best camping ground and spectacular views, it would be Cornwall.
Cornwall is one of the regions in the country that has a dynamic camping environment. Whether you want to camp near the Celtic sea, on some parts of the lush meadows, and even in the middle of their great forests, this part of the United Kingdom is a go-to destination for the ultimate camping getaway.
Some of the highly-recommended camping grounds in Cornwall are the Beacon Cottage Farm in St. Agnes, The Broad Meadow House in Charlestown, St. Austell, and the Cornish Tipi Holidays in Pendoggett, St. Kew. The Beacon Cottage Farm is a great camping place because of its proximity to one of the peaks that offer the best view of the region, the St. Agnes Beacon. The Broad Meadow House is one of the many meadow campsites that have access to the cliffy seashores of Cornwall.
The Cornish Tipi Holidays is considerably one of the most unique camping grounds in Cornwall. They feature 40 tipis scattered distantly on 16 acres of wooded valley that surrounds a lake. While they have all the common camping amenities, they believe in the power and providence of nature that will provide everyone who camps here a life-changing experience. No electricity and other comfortable amenities are available in this camping site.
Tipi Camping

Tipi Camping

Hiking in the Lake District

One of the best places in the UK to go hiking are the rugged paths in the Lake District in England. The Lake District National Park is the authority when it comes to any activities that can be done in this part of the region. They offer guided tours to famous points in the district like the Scafell Pike, the Ullswater Way, and some great caverns and water forms that comprise the entire scenery of the Lake District.
While this is an activity for the active individuals, those who are physically challenged, children, and elderly can also take a special tour where they could traverse along the hiking path of the district but without the bumps and steep hills. Also, hiking is a perfect exercise to prepare yourself for the New Year, as this has a beneficial effect on the mind and body, making you energized and ready to celebrate another year in life.
Ullswater from Gowbarrow. UNESCO world heritage sites Lake District

Ullswater from Gowbarrow. Photo: © Andrew Locking/ UNESCO

Narrowboating in Scotland

If you are not into rapid rivers and thrilling boat rides, a peaceful boating holiday can be added to your best getaway activity list. While you think of Venice, Stockholm or the Netherlands for narrowboating, the UK also has its own places that feature wonderful canals perfect for narrowboating holidays especially in Scotland.
One of the most beautiful waterways in Scotland is the Falkirk Wheel. Located at the Falkirk Base, between Edinburgh and Glasgow, this is a great location to begin your narrowboating getaway. This is no ordinary waterway as the Falkirk Wheel is a boat lift that connects the Forth & Clyde Canal, flowing to Glasgow, and the Union Canal, flowing to Edinburgh. The site itself is the only rotating boat lift there is and is a spectacle to behold when you pass through it on your narrowboating. This is also the perfect starting point to narrowboat in the region.
Other narrowboating sites in Scotland are The Kelpies, the Falkirk Tunnel, Almond Aqueduct, and Union Canal in Edinburgh, as well as the Forth & Clyde Canal in Glasgow that offers a water tour of the most stunning edifices and architectural treasures in the city.
Narrowboat canal uk getaways

Narrowboat. Photo: Krypto via CC Search

Wine Tasting in Shropshire

While a getaway is suggesting something epic and thrilling, this wine tasting and vineyard visit in Shropshire is another getaway that offers a different level of excitement. Technically a culinary getaway for the foodie, a trip to Shropshire to taste wine and match it with their special menu could give you an extraordinary holiday without ever leaving the country.
One of the notable English vineyards in the region is the Hencote. They have a wine estate that you can visit. You can stroll through the vineyard and experience the process of making wine – from picking the grapes from the vines to the pressing and distillation in barrels. You can also taste their locally-produced wines that were winning awards both locally and internationally. They also serve a delectable array of English cuisine that perfectly matches the wine and accommodations that should give you a good feel of the English wine countryside.
While you’re here, you can shop for wine that you can bring home, some grapes, and even adopt your own vine with their “Adopt a Vine” program. There are other vineyards in Shropshire that offer almost the same amenities and activities, but not as much as Hencote. Nonetheless, your wine getaway in Shropshire should be another worthwhile experience on your next fall or winter adventure.