A green lifestyle can also extend to your pet. Here’s how to be an eco-friendly dog owner

Going green with your dog is an incredible way to enhance the quality of life for you, your dog and those in your environment. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process. This is because several measures have been put in place to help pet owners to go green. You can simply employ the three environmentally responsibility R’s that include reduce, reuse and recycle especially when buying dog products. This includes when using the best canned dog food and eco-friendly products. 

Here are top tips to help you go green and be an eco-friendly dog owner:

Use Biodegradable Waste Bags 

As a dog owner, you can go green with your dog’s poop. It has been proven that dog waste has viruses, pathogens, parasitic worms and bacteria that can be passed to water sources and in contaminated soils. When humans come into contact with such, they can get infected with diseases. 

Furthermore, a dog’s faecal matter contains nitrogen and phosphorus. This can be harmful to marine life, especially when it is distributed in large amounts and has toxic algae. To prevent such, use compostable biodegradable waste bags to dispose of your dog’s faeces. 

Purchase Dogs Supplies in Bulk 

Buying your dog’s supplies in bulk helps to reduce the amount of waste or products that go into landfill. However, you must pay special attention to the ingredients used in the foods or toys you buy for your dog. Avoid treats packed in plastic bags and opt for those stored in reusable containers. Find the best dog’s supplies by checking product reviews from MyPetNeedsThat.

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Photo: Celine Sayuri Tagami via Unsplash.com

Support ‘Green’ Manufacturers 

You need to support Green manufactures by purchasing from them. Some manufacturers provide eco-friendly crates, leashes, collars and treats for dog owners. Buying from such dealers helps you to save money and to go green for the benefit of your dog and your environment. 

Environmentally Products 

Environmentally friendly products including grooming options are made of natural and plant resources are great when going green. Identify the best brands for your dog and enjoy the beauty of going green. 

Similarly, when purchasing tick and flea prevention products, you should be extra careful. Insist on green products to avoid using those that have toxic ingredients that could inflame the skin of your pet. 

Get Recyclable Toys

Pet toy manufacturers are also going green and you should do the same. Buy toys made of recyclable materials or biodegradable options. If you can make toys for your dog then it is the best way to go. The internet is full of projects for pet toys and you can use your free time to make some for your dog. Alternatively, when you purchase toys, do not throw them away once they are old. Recycle them instead. 

Similarly, you can give them away. Animal toys, shelters and other products are welcomed somewhere else. Donate to someone who needs them. 

Before Trashing, think of a Waste Agency 

Before you throw anything away, think of a waste agency. Whether you are done with your dog care products, medications or toys, do not throw anything away yet. Use the internet to look for a waste agency near you. They will guide you on what to do. 

Animal shelters are also an excellent place to take your used toys, old pillows, beddings and other dog essentials. Shelters also accept water dishes for dogs, used foods, and grooming tools. Therefore, find the nearest and give away whatever you don’t need instead of trashing them. 

Reuse Dog Items 

Start reusing different dog items in your home. This includes reusing bags whenever you go to your pet stores or the veterinary. You can also reuse tennis balls, old socks and mats for your playtime. This is a perfect way to make the most of available items to make toys as opposed to buying plastic products. Remember, plastics are harmful to the environment. 

Also, you can use a rag or a towel to clean or groom your dog instead of using one item and throwing it away. Avoid thrashing or throwing items that you can reuse because they fill landfills and they cause environmental harm. 

Enjoy Walking 

When going out with your dog, you should enjoy walking more and more. Avoid driving all the time with your dog. Today, there are many dog parks around and you can choose one that suits your needs best. In the end, you save a great deal on cash, gas and you reduce the amount of carbon monoxide emitted to the environment. 

If you cannot locate a nearby dog park, why not walk around in your neighbourhood. You will not only go green but you also enjoy quality exercises for good health. 

Go Digital 

Get a permanent green tag to use on your dog especially when going out. This saves you the expense and the need to use papers to make posters for a missing dog. It leads to paper waste in the long run. A dog with a tag can be returned to the owner easily than a dog without one.