Choosing the best travel hotel is probably one of the most important decisions you have to make. However, this can be challenging, especially if touring an unfamiliar place. The perfect hotel choice can make your trip more enjoyable, while a poor one can ruin the entire trip. All in all, you have to choose your hotel wisely, and there are vital aspects to consider. 

Below are tips on how to pick up the right hotel in your travel:


There are many ways on how to find the best hotels when traveling. However, the hotel location is a significant consideration. Most people prefer an area near the heart of the city or close to popular attractions. As such, it becomes easier to have access to different places.

 A hotel in the middle of the town is an excellent choice, especially if you wish to save on transport expenses and save on carbon emissions by avoiding a car rental. However, you also need to consider how quiet the place is, if you prefer a peaceful place, then a hotel away from the city would be ideal. 


What do people look for in a stay? As mentioned above, the location of the hotel is a significant consideration, and this determines the weather conditions in the neighborhood. If you opt for a hot spot, ensure that the hotel has adequate appliances such as air conditioners to cool your room.

 For cold regions, hotel rooms fitted with quartz fireplace inserts would be ideal. This way, you won’t have to worry about the cold weather outside. And what’s more? With the safety feature of such a fireplace, overheating won’t be an issue.

Also, if you happen to be traveling with loved ones, then the entertainment facilities provided are essential. Ensure that there are enough activities to cater to kids. Consider other things like; internet connectivity, gym, sauna, and spa facilities.

Green cred

Many hotels around the world are trying to implement an eco-friendly policies such as using energy saving bulbs, reducing their energy and water usage, working with the local communities, serving organic fare or even growing some of their own food. It’s easy to check – a hotel serious about its green cred will describe its sustainability policy in detail on their website.

GREEN coffee break (2) hotel park Ljubljana

Check if the fresh produce is locally sourced


Accessibility is yet another critical aspect to consider. There should be smooth transport from the hotel. More so, the hotel should provide shuttle services to major tourist attractions, malls, airports, railway stations, and many more. More so, public or alternative transport should be available near the hotel.  

Cost/Additional fees

 It’s prudent to opt for a hotel that you can afford. However, ensure that the facilities match the hotel charges. Also, find out about any other additional fees that you may take you by surprise. These may be, for instance, laundry, extended room services, internet, gym usage, towel replacement costs, mini-fridge usage, or luggage. Therefore, don’t overlook such add-ons, you may end up spending more than you thought.


Choosing the best travel hotel is vital, especially if you have a car with you. Find out whether there’s ample parking and if there are any additional fees for that. Remember, parking charges can sum up to a significant amount if you’re staying in the hotel for long. Better yet, be more eco-friendly and take public transport! Certain hotels will give you a discount for that.

Meal options

The type of food offered and the meal options also matter. Some resorts provide breakfast as a complimentary and charge for that, so be sure to ask about the fee. If you wish to prepare your meals in the comfort of your room, find out if a kitchenette suite is available.


Check the hotel’s website and find out what others have to say about that particular hotel. This way, you can get a feel for the kind of services offered, and this will help you to know the quality of the hotel. If most clients are pleased with the services, then you’ll likely enjoy your stay there. 


Choosing the best travel hotel is vital when planning your trip. It determines how comfortable you’ll be on your journey. So, consider the above factors for how to choose a hotel and pick the best. However, ensure that it’s within your budget, you can’t risk going short of cash in an unfamiliar place.