Though it may be difficult to believe, there are countries in the world where it is warm and dry even in January! Our friends at Glencor Golf have compiled their top favorite winter destinations. And they should know as they have worked out all the gorgeous countries in the world where it is warm and dry enough to play golf even in January. Here are the top five: 


Tenerife has an average year-round temperature of around 23 degrees Celsius, so it’s not difficult to understand why so many people flock here during the winter months. The temperature rarely drops below 15 degrees Celsius, even during January and February.

With the island being small, you can see and do a lot in a short amount of time! Everyone speaks English in Tenerife, it’s easy to get around, you’ll always find a great restaurant for your meals, the supermarkets sell all the brands your familiar with, and it’s easy to drive in Tenerife, or play at a number of quality golf courses on the island, 9 in total, making it the perfect holiday destination.


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Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, similarly to Tenerife, boasts an average year round temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. Although generally more expensive than Tenerife, there are options to accommodate a smaller budget. The island has everything you could need for a winter holiday: sun, sea, wonderful beaches, mountains, and even a golf passport. This pass allows you to play on any of the many courses on the island.

At any given time of the year you will be able to enjoy several and very different microclimates depending on where you are — the coast, the interior or the mountains. Sometimes, you can see snow in the highest peaks and you just need to travel down to the coast to spend the rest of your day basking under the sun — from subtropical to continental climates in one day!

Gran Canaria Island, Canary Islands, Europe

Gran Canaria Island. Photo: brianfagan via Flickr


Although Morocco is known for its scorching summers, often exceeding 37 degrees Celsius in peak season, the winter months provide a more forgiving, Mediterranean climate between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius. The Riu Tikida Garden and is perfect for those looking to explore the history steeped markets. Agadir on the other hand, is better suited to those that would rather relax on the beach. There are also two distinct areas known for their golfing prowess in this most northern part of Africa; Marrakech and Agadir. 

If you choose to come to Morocco in the cooler months, you can still experience all of the perks without the blazing weather that most come to associate with this part of the world. With plenty of sunshine to go around, you’ll be able to get that lovely, reviving breath of fresh air while avoiding the extreme heat which comes in summer months.

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Sun during the winter months is almost a guarantee, not to mention that it is one of the more budget-friendly destinations. A byproduct of the heat of Spanish summers is the fact that many businesses close as staff flee the hot cities for cooler parts of the country. This means you’ll find that many of the best restaurants and bars are closed in the summer, and there are also fewer art exhibitions and special events because there are fewer people there to see them. In winter, on the other hand, everything is open and there will be plenty to do.

There are celebrations and religious services from mid-December through January 6. There is the giant multi-billion euro lottery, splendid nativity scenes, lots of great food, and one of the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations you are likely to see.

World's Oldest Cities Cadiz Spain

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