Itching to go on a Euro trip sometime soon? Paris, Madrid, Berlin—they’re all great destinations but have you ever heard about the wonderful city of Copenhagen? Copenhagen travel is generously rewarding for it’s not about long queues at monuments, but it’s about amazing experiences.

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and is considered to be one of Europe’s blossoming tourist destinations thanks to its alluring sights and wonderful people. It has a reputation for being one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities, attracting a whopping 7.7 million visitors in 2017.

At the same time, it may be one of those cities that you’ve probably heard of but don’t really know much about. We’re here to show you exactly what to do in Copenhagen, and it involves bikes, mermaids, and more!

Home of the Little Mermaid

With a new live-action version of the hugely popular Little Mermaid movie in the works, this mythical being has definitely been generating a lot of buzz once again. But did you know that this beloved childhood character traces her roots in a real Danish folk tale? The popular Disney cartoon is actually based on a story written by Hans Christian Andersen from way back in 1836.

Unlike the Disney adaptation, Andersen’s tale doesn’t have a happy ending: she transforms into cold sea foam after not getting her prince. Whether you’re a fan of the original or the Disney story, you can delight in the fact that there’s a little mermaid statue somewhere in Copenhagen made by famed sculptor Edvard Eriksen in 1909. Since its public unveiling in 1913, this statue has become a well-loved tourist attraction considered to be a must-visit by most.

Spend Time in the Happiest Place on Earth

Despite being the source of a very disheartening folk tale such as The Little Mermaid, Denmark is generally a happy place. Copenhagen, in particular, has been dubbed as ‘the happiest city in the world’ according to the World Happiness Report done by the United Nations. The country had an impressive rating of 7.6 out of 10! A lot of this can be attributed to the Danish mentality of the hygge, which is a core aspect of their culture. What is hygge? It’s basically a concept of cozy contentment by enjoying the simple things in life. With such a contented attitude that’s not tied to material possessions, it’s no wonder that Danish people are happy!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo: Sharon Ang via Pixabay

Roam Around a City of Art and Parks

One reason people from Copenhagen are so happy is probably because of the abundance of parks and art sprinkled throughout the city. You definitely won’t run out of places to visit. Go to parks where a lot of the locals relax like the royal-looking Rosenborg Castle Gardens, the ultra-hip Superkilen Park, and the lush Frederiksberg Gardens.

Another thing to keep yourself busy in Copenhagen is checking out as much art as you can. Copenhagen is practically brimming with beautiful art. Copenhagen’s city center, in particular, boasts the city’s highest concentration of museums and galleries. Top galleries to check out are the Arken Museum of Modern Art (which displays one of the most influential collections of British artist Damien Hirst), the post-industrial Copenhagen Contemporary, the National Gallery of Denmark (host to a broad variety of contemporary art).

Stay in an Eco-Friendly Paradise

Imagine a city with more than half of the population cycling daily to and from work. This is a vision of a future that the Danish government wishes to turn into reality. Copenhagen is one of the few cities in the world that are very bike-friendly. You can rent a bike and use the bike lanes scattered all over the city.

On top of that, Copenhagen is a city known for its eco-friendly practices. In 2014, the city was awarded the European Green Capital title largely due to its impressive urban planning and design. If you want to see what an environmentally-friendly city looks like, look no further than Denmark’s capital.

Copenhagen Denmark

Photo: Poom! via Flickr

Treat Yourself at Michelin-Starred Restaurants

It’s true that you can’t truly say you’ve immersed yourself in a city’s culture without trying out their food. So what better way to go through a culinary journey in Copenhagen than to eat at some of the city’s top restaurants? Copenhagen is a city with plenty of restaurants awarded with Michelin stars. Michelin stars are basically awarded to the best of the best restaurants. Try restaurants like Geranium, Noma, and Restaurant 108 for a life-changing meal or two.

Pick Copenhagen as Your Next International Destination

Copenhagen is truly a beautiful place to visit. There’s no shortage of places to go in Europe, but if you want something different, Copenhagen is the perfect place for you. Here, you will encounter great people, walk (and bike) along eco-friendly streets, unwind in lush parks, and enjoy good food. If you’re looking for your next European adventure, why not embrace Copenhagen travel?

Copenhagen travel, Denmark

Bike Resting by Copenhagen Canals. Photo: Maria Eklind via Flickr

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