Travelling has always been a way to escape the bustle of everyday life. For most people, it is a dream to discover another part of the world that is so much different from their own. From a traveler’s perspective, who is aiming to experience other cultures, traditions, and so much more, where else would you go to than the lands of outlandish Australia? Now if the perfect time for some armchair travel to discover top attractions of Tasmania.


Australia is both a country and a continent, and among its numerous regions is the island of Tasmania. This out-of-the-way island state is located on the south coast of Australia and is well-known for its extensive and untouched areas of wilderness, protected reserves, and nature parks.

Tasmania has a lot of diverse tourist spots despite being the country’s smallest state. From indulging in antique cellars to a relaxing beachfront date to exploring the vast world heritage wilderness, Tasmania has genuinely a lot to offer! All you have to do is take your time and look.

overland track tasmania australia

Overland track. Photo via Pixabay

Cradle Mountain

If you travel north from the World Heritage Area of the Tasmanian Wilderness, you will find one of the state’s numerous natural wonders, Cradle Mountain. From its summit, you can overlook the stunning image of the central highlands.

Going on a hike here is a must when you visit the park. You can choose either the Weindorfer Walk, a tour through Tasmania’s thick forests, or the Lake Dove Walk, a spot that can present you with an exceptional view of Cradle Mountain. You can also choose to tour Lake St Clair National Park, which is also is exceptionally breathtaking.

If you are Hobart-based and wish to fully experience this charming national park, including all the other famous natural attractions of the state, you can choose to avail of one of Tasmania’s affordable tour packages for five days. If budget is a problem, visit for more information about acquiring traveling funds.

Freycinet National Park: Wineglass Bay

One of the oldest and most beautiful nature reserves of Australia is the Freycinet National Park. This World Heritage-listed park is located on Tasmania’s fairly summery east coast.

The park is dotted with countless hiking trails that go through unsullied bushlands to hidden lookouts and bays. You can also opt to go birdwatching, wherein black cockatoos, sea birds,  and kookaburras are only a few of the many local species in the park. Moreover, when you want to climb the nearby hills or even go for walks, Coles Bay, which is situated near the opening of Freycinet National Park, is a convenient post.

Museum of Old & New Art (MONA)

MONA was established in the year 2011 and has then developed into one of the country’s core attractions. Each year, it draws more and more art enthusiasts from all over the globe. The Museum of Old and New Art is immensely known for its wide-ranging mix of contemporary and antique artworks. The MONA contributes to the development of the art world by presenting confronting and provocative exhibits.

Port Arthur Historic Site

With just about a one hour drive towards the southeast of Hobart, you will end up in Port Arthur’s former convict settlement, which lets you have a look at Tasmania’s rough history. Former governor, Sir George Arthur, made a vicious criminal settlement in the year 1830 when felons were dictated to cleave coal in falling timber and the mines.

Despite an enormous 1897 fire outbreak, numerous remains of the countless buildings remain, including the hospital, model prison, guard tower, and church. You are also allowed to scan the interesting relics and documents of the disciplinary settlement inside the museum, as well as explore the adjacent Coal Mines Historic Site.

Tasman National Park: Cape Raoul

The Tasman Arch and Blowhole are the park’s two most popular features. Meanwhile, the other most visited sites include the Devil’s Kitchen, Waterfall Bay, and the Remarkable Cave. There is also an enormous amount of wildlife present in the park.

You can choose to tour a handful of the most popular attractions by hopping on a boat if you want to fish or take a glimpse of the soaring cliffs from sea level, or you can also opt to travel by car if you get seasick quickly.

Three Capes Track

Three Capes Track goes through more than 48 kilometers of awe-inducing forests. This stunning track starts and ends in Port Arthur. Each hiker is given a guidebook that is complete with notes and maps regarding the trail.

This three-night, the four-day journey is fit for every hiker—may they be pro, amateur, young, or old. The hike is one of the must-dos when in Tasmania, whether it is spring, summer, or fall.

Tasmania Three Capes track seals

Australian fur seal on Three Capes track. Photo: Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service


Travelling can dynamically range from an indefinite period of soul searching to a week-long exotic adventure. Nonetheless, any individual who loves to explore or step out of their comfort zone would agree that no one would turn down a chance to travel, given the time and resources.

Which is why, if you are able, why pass up the opportunity to see and personally experience another part of the world where you’ve never been to before? Go forth, explore, and widen your horizons! It’s a big world, and it is not going to uncover its treasures by itself.

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