The world of travel is undergoing a huge transformation, with a trend toward more environmentally friendly alternatives and choices in order to fully care for the earth. There are ways to reduce the carbon footprint, and even hotels are getting on board by providing environmentally friendly alternatives to their guests. If you own a vacation rental property, tapping into this is essential, not just for business reasons but for sustainability. Here’s how to make your vacation rental eco-friendly:

Switch to energy-efficient lighting and heating

Equipping a home’s hardware and appliances with energy-saving devices is one way to reduce a home’s carbon footprint. These improvements will help you save money on heating bills by making your property more energy-efficient.

Switching to LED light bulbs is a simple way to get started. Another alternative is to install an automatic thermostat in your heating and cooling system so that the temperature can be adjusted when the guests are not present. 

Another way to save costs is to install solar panels. Solar energy is most commonly used to heat pools in colder climates. They will help you save money on your energy bills at any time of the year. Any excess solar power generated may be bought back by some local energy suppliers.

Encourage your guests to stay local

Transportation is a major source of air pollution, which contributes to climate change. Assist your guests in making smart decisions on how they get around during their vacation. Choosing a vacation rental that is close to public transportation allows guests to avoid driving. Maps and timetables should be kept for future reference. Highlight the most important attractions and services – for example, the stuff in St. John’s Town Center in Jacksonville.

Provide adequate facilities for recycling

Make it easy for your vacation rental guests to make informed and eco-friendly waste decisions. Separate the recycling bin from the regular trash can and make it obvious. Since all communities have different ways of organizing and collecting recyclable waste products, make it clear what needs to go in what bin. If you have enough outdoor space, consider adding a composting bin or pile for food waste.

Provide eco-friendly products

Single-use toiletries are not just damaging the environment, but are an unnecessary expense for vacation property owners. Most people prefer to bring their own products anyway, so it is not necessary to provide miniature bottles of shampoos, conditions, and shower gels anymore.

Instead of buying individual soaps and handwashes, bulk buy and decant them into attractive containers to avoid waste. You could also swap out your toilet and kitchen paper for more eco-friendly brands and use plant-based and natural cleaning products, which are not just better for the environment but for guests’ health too.

Even small adjustments will help your vacation rental property become a more environmentally friendly choice for your guests. The advantages would include a better guest experience as well as lower energy costs and cost savings. Including your environmentally friendly vacation rental facilities in the summary of your short-term rental listing might be the selling point.

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