Having a holiday home that you can jet off to in a glorious location sounds like an actual dream. Whether it’s for a long weekend to escape the boring 9-5 job or somewhere a bit more exotic for a summer vacation, owning a property abroad can be a great way to escape the realities of everyday life. But where to buy a holiday home?

There are many benefits when it comes to owning a holiday home. Not only does it give you someplace to go when life starts to get a bit hectic, but when you are not using it, you can rent it out as a way to make extra income. It’s a great way to invest, and you, your family and friends can all save money when it comes to vacations. 

So if you’re thinking about buying a property in another country but are unsure where you should look, we will give you some inspiration for where to buy a holiday home. 


Spain has a beautiful culture, some of the friendliest people you could wish to meet, and it has a warm climate, making it one of the best locations to buy a holiday home. If you’re looking for a place with excellent cuisine, great locations for a spot of retail therapy, or stunning architecture for you to admire, then Spain may just be the location for you. 

The cities are vibrant, the beaches are golden, and the villages are white-washed. Spain is truly picturesque and a great place to escape the mundane troubles of everyday life. 

Traveling to this beautiful country is made easy by a network of international airports. It’s also quick and easy to fly domestically, and Spain also has reliable public transport in place, whether you choose to travel by train or one of the big cities metro systems. 


Buying a holiday home in Malaysia has never been more appealing. Its popularity with tourists over the years has increased significantly making it one of the popular destinations in Southeast Asia. If you’re looking to buy somewhere in this diverse country, check out this property website in Malaysia.

Depending on the type of holiday home you’re looking for, you will be spoilt for choice in Malaysia. You have a more lively side to the country in its main cities located in Peninsular Malaysia, or you have Malaysian Borneo which is more adventurous. 

Malaysia is a great place to think about purchasing a holiday home, with its warm temperatures, a large variety of food choices, and plenty of cultures for you to delve into. When vacationing here you’ll have your choice to explore the Batu Caves, the Thean Hou Temple, gorgeous beaches, and stunning rainforests.


If you want to buy a holiday home in a place full of natural beauty, look no further than Switzerland. Famous for its rolling hills, jagged-mountains, and quaint lakesides, owning a holiday home in this truly magnificent country would be quite impressive. 

It’s a perfect location for nature lovers and those who love outdoor adventures all year round. Switzerland also has some of the most beautiful castles you will lay your eyes on, although most of these are now owned by museums. 

The food in Switzerland is majorly influenced by neighboring countries such as French, Italy, and Germany, which can be anything from hearty stews to a wide selection of the finest cheeses. If you are looking for a place where you can explore nearby cities, then Switzerland’s transportation is ideal. 

South Africa

For diverse landscapes and food and wildlife like no other, you should consider South Africa. This country has plenty to offer with its sandy white beaches, rocky mountains, and not to mention its varied cuisine. If you pick the right location, you could even see some exotic aquatic wildlife, such as penguins and whales. 

Purchasing a holiday home in South Africa can provide you with a place to escape your typical daily routine and you’ll be able to take in beautiful landscapes wherever you chose to purchase.

Cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg will be able to offer you the typical city lifestyle, but you’d have the opportunity to travel short distances out of the city and you’d be able to take in the picturesque landscapes. If you chose to purchase a holiday property in Cape Town you won’t even have to do this, you’d have the majestic Table Mountain sitting right on your doorstep.

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